Purpose of Education - How can Education help?

Purpose of Education - How can Education help?

In the early 20th century, there was a great crisis in higher education. There was a series of conferences to resolve the dilemma. The central question was:

What is the Purpose of Education? Is it to benefit the individual or society?

(1928 Conference on Higher Education, American Education Association).

This statement is still being argued. However, the bigger question should be - how can education be used to improve both? Most would agree education does benefit both the individual to obtain a quality job and improve many of society"s problems? Education increases the awareness of the individual and provide possible solutions to issues. But does the current educational system effectively provide the tools to accomplish these goals?

Education is seen as a personal choice. An individual decides when going to school is the most appropriate for their situation. They also decide how to best use the information, tools and insights from the educational experience to improve thier situation (and hopefully those around them).

How can education be used to improve a situation? This is something we should be striving to answer.