Knowledge without Boundaries potential

Knowledge without Boundaries potential

The Knowledge without Boundaries conferences provide opportunities to students and faculty to present information on a wide variety of topics. This is also an excellent source of new ideas. A topic may present an opportunity to explore a side issue, a point brought up during the presentation, or even an unrelated topic.  Everyone should explore all of the presentations for important information and inspiration.

Our group provided two presentations "Differing Viewpoints" ( Frederick Lawrence, Lorraine Priest, David Maillioux, Ray Bynum) and "Changing Roles of Criminal Justice Officers towards Mental Health " (David Mailloux and Ray Bynum).  By attending an earlier session, a topic on "Mental Health Aid for First Responders" (Gretheline Bolandrina - doctoral student and Louise Underdahl) revealed a similar topic. We were able to work together to produce two articles for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) - "Supporting the criminal justice officer - mental health first aid" and "the changing role of the criminal justice sytem in dealing with offenders with special needs: mental health".  By combining topics, we will hopefully provide a seminar at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sceinces (ACJS conference in Orlando, Fl in 2021.

The Knowledge without Boundaries conferences provided the opportunity for different groups to combine resources and scholarship opportunities.

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