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Cultural Conflict in the Workplace Research Community

Knowledge without Boundaries potential

The Knowledge without Boundaries conferences provide opportunities to students and faculty to present information on

Local and National Conferences

The Cultural Conflict in the Workplace research community is consistently involved in several scholastic avenues:

Scholarship Opportunities

We have been asked about where the scholarship oppportunties come from.


Conferences are an opportunity to learn new information,gain new perspectives, and to connect to the world in your fi

Purpose of Education - How can Education help?

In the early 20th century, there was a great crisis in higher education.

Recap of Activities in 2018

As we maintain an active agenda, it is best to review what we have accomplished in 2018:


Hidden Figures

The movie “Hidden Figures” focuses on the challenges of the West Computing Group, African American women hired to dev

Rick Rescorla and 9 11


Women's Suffrage Movement II

At the time of Revolutionary War, only white male property owners were allowed to vote.

Women's Suffrage Movement I

When the U.S. Bill of Rights included the words "All Men are Created Equal" it was based on English common law.


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