UOPX Scholarship Council

UOPX Scholarship Council

Welcome to the Scholarship Council's Research Hub page! The Scholarship Council was formed in 2014 to support unified research and scholarship efforts across the University.  We invite you to learn more about the Scholarship Council and engage in a conversation with us.  On this page, you can read about the SC, find a way to ask questions, current news, and more. 

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What is the purpose of the Scholarship Council?  

Per the bylaws, the purpose of the Scholarship Council shall be to devise, maintain, review and approve: research policies and procedures, including support programs, educational outreach, and other research-related considerations consistent with the mission and purposes of University of Phoenix as an institution of higher learning; including

  1. To align the University of Phoenix as an institution which engages in research appropriate to our University Mission and programs;  
  2. Promotes scholarship as part of the University culture, by supporting faculty, students, and staff, in the development and execution of research and scholarship;
  3. Periodic reviews of research engagement within colleges, schools, campus locations, and other teams to validate the attainment of research goals;
  4. Serves as a vehicle for internal and external communication, information sharing, and research program development within the institution;
  5. Monitors performance of technological interfaces, and University Policies for supporting research and scholarship and makes recommendations for changes as necessary.  

Who sits on the Scholarship Council?

The Scholarship Council is reflective of our University leadership and teams that directly or indirectly provide or benefit from research and scholarship initiatives at the University.  Per the bylaws, the Dean of Research and Scholarship is Chairperson and selects his vice-chairperson; both are non-voting members. Voting members include:

  1. A Dean of Faculty or Associate Dean of Instruction Representative from each College or School of University of Phoenix
  2. Representative from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness
  3. Representative from the Office of Assessment
  4. Representative from Campus Operations
  5. Representative from Office of Scholarship Support
  6. Representative from the University Research Center Chairs

In addition, we have a number of consulting, non-voting members from other departments at the University. 

How often does the Scholarship Council meet?

Scholarship Council meets once a month to share, review, and discuss ongoing matters of relevance pertaining to research and scholarship within the University.   Subcommittees meet as-needed to meet their goals. 

To whom does the Scholarship Council report?

The Scholarship Council is granted authority by the Provost, University of Phoenix. 

Scholarship Council News and Blogs

Scholarship Council Sept. Meeting: A Closer Look at the Research and Scholarship Enterprise

This month's Scholarship Council meeting was held on Monday, September 24th, with both virtual and in-person attendance.  Dr. Kimberly Underwood, University Research Center Chair for the Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research presented on the state of the Research and Scholarship Enterprise (RSE). The Research and Scholarship Enterprise, out of the School of Advanced Studies, focuses on three areas: 1) research and scholarship support, 2) serving on policy and governing bodies, such as COR and SC, and 3) leading the University Research Centers.

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Council/Staff Resources

Additional documents, including bylaws and meeting minutes, are housed on our internal pages.  Click here to access. If you do not have access and need to, submit your request using the contact form above. 

Scholarship Council Documents

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