Teaching and Learning with Arts Research Lab

  • 4 projects as also listed in Jan 2020 report are currently under manuscript development, led by Dr. Liz Johnston.

    • Educators who transform from a traditional environment to a digitally enhanced environment; Rita Hartman, Mary Townsend, Marlo Jackson
    • How do staff members in group homes for adolescent boys describe the use of film as role models for changing behaviors? Marcia Prince Grffiths, Maria Navarro, Andrea Wilson, Nola Veazier
    • Technological advances for academic improvements with disabled learners-A Literature Review; Michelle Hill, Patricia Akoje, Troy Jeffers (student), Jennifer Calito (Alumni), Andrea Wilson, Doug Goss (Alumni)
    • From digital newspapers to digital scholarly journals: What Has Changed? Patrick Turner (Alumni), Drena Valentine, Cheryl Burleigh, Liston Bailey, Jack Avella