Summit 2022 Day 2 Schedule

Welcome to Day 2 of the KWB Annual Research Summit! All the events and presenters are listed here. All event times are recorded in Phoenix AZ time on this page (please keep this in mind if your presenting). If you are in any other time zone, then please coordinate the time listed here with your own time zone. You may also use the clock below to see real-time current Phoenix time. We hope you enjoy the days events!


Summit Day 2 - Friday, October 14, 2022


Time Room Host/Moderator Presenter Description
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM Main Rodney Luster Opening Welcome and Housekeeping
10:30 AM - 11:50 AM      Block 3 Sessions Begin
  Main Rodney Luster IGI Global's Publishing team -Lindsay Wertman, President of IGI Global, Melissa Wagner, Vice President of Editorial, and Marissa Massare, Open Access Publishing Coordinator.

IGI Global Special Session-Global publishing house IGI will be presenting regarding their publishing process for researchers.

*Guests may also exit the MAIN room and attend any of the other presentations going on during this time.

  Room 7 Mansureh Kebritchi  Sandra Sessoms-Penny Disproving Millennial Employee Stereotypes to Facilitate Leadership and Organizational Change
  Room 7   James Lane Ethical Turbulence in Public Education
  Room 7   Jennifer Carriere Leveraging Psychological Capital to Mitigate Organizational Cynicism in Adjuncts 
  Room 8 Stella Smith Joy Taylor The Impact of Intersectionality on Women of Color in the Workplace
  Room 8   Meryl P. Epstein, Roxanne Jordan, Joann Kovacich, L’Tanya Simien-Robnett, and student team member, Jodee Ledford. The Role of Demographics in American Workers' Career Optimism
  Room 8   Elvire Daniels Causes of Minority Small Business Success During COVID-19
  Room 9 Kimberly Underwood Jose Garza and Sun Jones Supporting The Mental and Emotional Health of Nurses within the Hospital Setting
  Room 9  

Daniel Smith, Lucinda Hines, & Audrey Neylon

Co-researcher Mechelle Lampert was unable to attend

Management’s Multi-Generational Communication Skills and its Influence on Healthcare Employees ‘Commitment and Job Performance 
  Room 9   Chaava MacDonald, Pamayla Darbyshire, and Trina G. Armstrong. Understanding Case Management of Homeless Individuals with Chronic Illnesses 
12:00 PM - 1:20 PM       Block 4 Sessions Begin
  Room 10 Marlene Blake Lionel de Souza, Tommy White, Jr., and Harriet Wandira Innovation from DEIB Research: A Model for Equitable Talent Acquisition and Retention
  Room 10   Kim Sanders Sustainable Change
  Room 10   Abegail Moday-Bazon Motivational Competency in E-Leadership for the Rapid Transition to Virtual Working
  Room 11 Sandra Sessoms-Penny Maureen Marzano, and Mar Navarro Child Centered Pedagogy: Guided Play Based Learning for Preschool Children with Special Needs
  Room 11   Kimberly Underwood The Pathway to Belonging in the New Normal: A UOPX Collaboration Project
  Room 11   Stella Smith and Roxanne Williams Why Do Online Doctoral Students Persist?
  Room 12 Louise Underdahl  Angela Larson, Mansureh Kebritchi, Margaret Vianna, Liz Young Feedback Strategies, Learners' Expectations, and Usages in Online Higher Education
  Room 12   Debra Tucker and Sal Bueno Latino Males' Successful Experiences in Higher Education Leadership
  Room 12   Jessica Flores A Relationship Abuse Workshop from the Perspective of Nontraditional Adult Learners
1:30 PM - 2:00 PM       Break
2:00 PM - 3:20 PM       Block 5 Sessions Begin
  Room 13 Sandra Sessoms-Penny Kyla Tennin Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Resilience and Institutional Voids
  Room 13   Beth Putnam and Joann Kovacich Applying Plant-Based Nutrition E-Learning to Medical Practice
  Room 13   Pamayla Darbyshire Engaging Triad of Patients, Practitioners, and Community
  Room 14 Joanne Principe Shelly Caldwell Stories from Novice Teachers on Their Needs During the Beginning Year
  Room 14   David Mailoux Online Tutoring: A K-12 Perspective
  Room 14   Margo Moreno Branching Paths: A Novel Teacher Evaluation Model for Faculty Development
  Room 15 Louise Underdahl  Mary "Mimi" Stout, Karen Johnson, Michelle Susberry Hill, Debra McCoy, and student Nicole Masters Community Colleges' Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic
  Room 15   Roxanne Williams and Jalisca Thomason Graduated Doctoral Students' Transition into the Role of Expert
  Room 15   Herman van Niekerk Postmodernism and its Challenges for Leadership in a Time of Uncertainty
3:20 PM - 3:30 PM       Transition back to Main Room
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM Main Rodney Luster   Closing and Discovery Session