Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

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Below is a complete list of special interest groups - including research groups and labs - currently housed on the Hub. Registered users are encouraged to join and aprticipate in groups that align with their personal research interests.

SOLAR Research Group

SOLAR stands for (Sales & Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Leadership, Action, and Retention. SOLAR creates energy through networking opportunities and exploring the potential within the group’s membership to create innovative research outcomes in the areas of sales/marketing, organizational behavior, leadership, action-oriented outcomes, and retention of human capital. Visit the SOLAR Research Group

Virtual Interconnectivity Lab

The goal of the Virtual Interconnectivity Lab is to understand how organizational individuals maximize connectivity on a global scale unrestricted by geographical constraints or time limitations. Our research will seek to develop a greater understanding of the ways in which workers improve a condition, quality, or typology of being connected together. Visit the Virtual Interconnectivity Lab

Women and Leadership Research Group

The Women and Leadership Research Group is a community of scholar/practitioners engaged in furthering knowledge about and potentiating women’s leadership. Visit the Women and Leadership Research Group

About Our Groups

Our Special Interest Groups serve as an online, interactive, group space designed to allow University-affiliated researchers to connect over specific research interests. Groups are managed by volunteers and may or may not report to a specific Research Center Chair, University Campus, College, or School. They also allow for inter-center collaboration. Each group is publicly visible and egistered users can participate in as many of these special interest groups by logging in and clicking the 'subscribe' button to join. Learn more >>