Special Interest Groups Directory

Special Interest Groups Directory

Our Special Interest Groups serve as an online, interactive, group space designed to allow University-affiliated researchers to connect over specific research interests.

Each group is publicly visible and registered users can participate in as many of these special interest groups as they like. To join, log in and clicking the 'subscribe' button on the left-side of the group's home page. 

CDS Alumni Special Interest Group

The CDS Alumni SIG is a robust network promoting postdoctoral research and publication, career development, and grant application.

Cultural Conflict in the Workplace Research Community

The Cultural Conflict in the Workplace research community explores the issues and challenges in finding effective knowledge and solutions in the workplace. The workplace may differ depending on the nature of work being done. This may be in an office or in the field.

Cultural Impact on Global Business Research Group

The vision of the Cultural Evolution Through Globalization Lab is to be the leader in global cultural studies for researchers from all University Research Centers interested in the group’s topics in order to contribute to the academic and professional future of a global economic community.

Research Hub Resources

The Research Hub Resources page is run by the Office of Scholarship Support. If you do not find what you are looking for, let us know! We are always looking to our researchers for new supports to offer.

Research Methodology Group

This cross-disciplinary community consists of a committee of methodologists and members who are interested in social science research methods and designs.

SOLAR Research Group

SOLAR stands for Sales & Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Leadership, Action, and Retention. SOLAR creates energy through networking opportunities and exploring the potential within the group’s membership to create innovative research outcomes in the areas of sales/marketing, organizational behavior, leadership, action-oriented outcomes, and retention of human capital.

Special Interest Group for Digital Teaching and Learning Resources

Our space affords interdisciplinary scholars and external partners the opportunity to work together to advance the quality of online learning experiences by leveraging digital teaching and learning resources, specifically video chat technologies and collaborative learning tools. Research and professional learning opportunities for faculty, alumni, and students are provided that will deepen the impact of the Research and Scholarship Enterprise.

Student Support

The Research Support Group is a cross disciplinary community of students and faculty members with the purpose of enhancing students’ academic and professional development and success.

UOPX Doctoral Student Scholars

The UOPX Doctoral Student Scholars Group is a space for students to gain resources and support to participate in our online research community as part of their educational experience and professional development, as well as read news and blogs relevant to their journey, share in discussion forums with other students, and post their oral defenses.

Virtual Interconnectivity Lab

Our research will seek to develop a greater understanding of the ways in which workers improve a condition, quality, or typology of being connected together.

Women and Leadership Research Group

The Women and Leadership Research Group is a community of scholar/practitioners engaged in furthering knowledge about and potentiating women’s leadership.