Scholarship Support

Scholarship Support

In late 2010, University of Phoenix leadership determined that one of the most important ways the University could engage its faculty was through research and scholarship. Learn more about how we support research.

The mission and vision for faculty scholarship was developed with our practitioner faculty and institutional focus on teaching in mind. It embodies the mission and vision of University of Phoenix. Scholarship can be found in the service and leadership we provide as individual faculty and a University as a whole. Scholarship, as defined by the knowledge developed, integrated, and taught through faculty activities, can help change students’ lives and improve organizations. Faculty scholarship also sharpens the instructors’ contribution to the classroom and student engagement with course work.  

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Scholarship Resources

Use the links below to learn more about the ways University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies supports faculty, student, and alumni scholarship. 

Looking for funding? We use the term scholarship here to define "academic study or achievement; learning of a high level." Explore available funding and awards.

Boyer's Model

The University of Phoenix broadly supports research and scholarship based on Boyer's Model. . Join Now  >>

Office of Scholarship Support

The Office of Scholarship Support is dedicated to providing our faculty and students with resources to advance research, scholarship, teaching and learning. Find additional support  with OSS.

Faculty Review and Development

Our faculty are leaders in scholar-practitioner scholarship. Faculty teaching at the graduate level maintain a record of scholarship and SAS Doctoral Faculty complete an annual Academic Review. Learn more