Scholarship Support

Scholarship Support

FY 2020 Funding Appropriations and Guidelines

Our Definition of Scholarship

In late 2010, University of Phoenix leadership determined that one of the most important ways the University could engage its faculty was through research and scholarship. The mission and vision for faculty scholarship were developed with our practitioner faculty and institutional focus on teaching in mind. It embodies the mission and vision of the University of Phoenix. Scholarship can be found in the service and leadership we provide as individual faculty and a University as a whole. 

Scholarship, as defined by the knowledge developed, integrated, and taught through faculty activities, can help change students’ lives and improve organizations. Faculty scholarship also sharpens the instructors’ contribution to the classroom and student engagement with coursework.  UOPX subscribes to the teacher-scholar approach advocated by the Boyer Model. The formal definition, adopted by the Scholarship Council, is:

Scholarship is the result of engaged scholar-practitioner-leaders putting to work their discipline knowledge and skills across a wide range of academic or professional activities to advance the body of knowledge and add value to teaching and learning, or the field. 

The definition places value in the variety of pathways our faculty contribute scholarship.  This is also where our adoption of Boyer's model becomes applicable. 

Research vs. Scholarship

Research is a type of scholarship, but not all scholarship is research. The UOPX IRB uses the federal definitions of "research" and "human subjects research" (from 45 CFR 46.102; 10/2017): (d) Research means a systematic investigation, including research development, testing and evaluation, designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge. And, (f) Human subject means a living individual about whom an investigator (whether professional or student) conducting research obtains:

  1. Data through intervention or interaction with the individual, or
  2. Identifiable private information.


2020 Research Funding Opportunities Are Now Open!

We are pleased to now open up our revised funding opportunities available for active faculty, current student and alumni (please see the eligibility matrix to see who is eligible before submission). Please note, submission of an application for funding does not gauranntee funding but is the first stage of process and is the opportunity for review and potential award candidacy.

All funding is per fiscal year (for research grants and fellowships) or per event (for awards). Awards (exception: Faculty Honorarium) are per publication/presentation, not per author.

Research submitted for awards must be included in the submitter’s faculty profile to be considered.

Exclusions to eligibility

We do NOT award for items published in journals that are considered predatory or vanity presses. To learn more about these types of publications, please review the articles below before submitting.  All funding is subject to budget availability.

Eligibility Matrix

The chart below details available funding programs, eligible group(s), and funding amounts.  Grants and fellowships require research and publication submittal timelines as part of the application.  With the exception of the Faculty Honorarium, which is available independent of other funding, each publication may receive only one award.  Co-authored faculty research is only allowed one award per publication.

Funding Program


Award Amount  

What is Funded

General Research Grant

All active associate faculty (by application)

Up to $1,000

Research proposed, currently engaged or near completion, with preference given to research that focuses on areas of public interest, ideally in collaboration with other institutions, or develops or leverages industry relationships that benefit the University and our students.  Please apply through Infoready [need link].

Teaching & Learning (Discipline based) Fellowship

All active faculty (by invitation)

Up to $5,000

The fellowship is awarded for projects that further teaching and learning at the University of Phoenix, with preference in the following areas: adult learning, lifetime learning, student success, upskilling and career advancement through education.

Externship potentials will be considered for this fellowship.  Special preference will be given to projects that involve collaboration with other UoPX colleges, external partners, and/or students.   

Project-based Research Fellowships (By Center)

All active faculty (by invitation)


Research Fellowships are awards reserved for project-specific goals per center needs to engage research practices that are active and pragmatic.  Fellowships are awarded for research that has determined and effective end results and produces enhanced learning, better practices or innovation. These fellowships are completed within a UoPX College of Doctoral Studies (CDS) research center under the guidance of the research chair who manages the center.

Top-Tier Research Conference Award

All active faculty (by application)

Up to $500 (depending on number of approved applications), limited to named top-tiered conferences. Award is per presentation, not per author.  Must apply for grant before conference and after presentation has been accepted.  Funds disbursed after verification of conference presentation. 

Peer-reviewed research conference presentation (up to $7,500 total awarded per conference).

Eligible conferences: AERA, TQR, ILA , AOM, AECT


Please apply through Infoready [need link]

Scholarship in Publishing Award

All active faculty (by application after publication)

Up to $300, contingent on participants. 

Peer-review publications, contributions to edited industry-specific journals (subject to review), and edited books (subject to review). 

  • $100 for faculty only
  • $200 for faculty publishing with alumni or students
  • $300 for faculty publishing with students

Please apply through Infoready [need link]

Alumni and Student Recognition

Alumni and students

Recognition certificate by the college (no financial award)

Peer-review publications, contributions to edited industry-specific journals (subject to review), and edited books (subject to review). 


Faculty Honorarium

All active faculty (by application)

$200.  Award is per author.

All forms of faculty scholarship (excluding works within vanity and predatory publications), typically published or presented.  This is award is independent of other

awards/funding a scholar may receive from CDS. Apply at

Per the UOPX Faculty Handbook, active faculty are defined as having taught within the last 6 months and are current on all required trainings and/or certifications.   

For more information and application eligibility, please contact the Office of Scholarship Support at


Selected Scholarship Resources

The University of Phoenix values our faculty scholarship. Use the links below to learn more about the ways the University of Phoenix and the School of Advanced Studies supports faculty, student, and alumni scholarship. 

Looking for funding? We use the term scholarship here to define "academic study or achievement; learning of a high level." Explore available funding and awards.

Boyer's Model

The University of Phoenix broadly supports research and scholarship based on Boyer's Model. Click here to learn more >>

Office of Scholarship Support

The Office of Scholarship Support is dedicated to providing our faculty and students with resources to advance research, scholarship, teaching and learning. Find additional support  with OSS.

Faculty Review and Development

Our faculty are leaders in scholar-practitioner scholarship. Faculty teaching at the graduate level maintain a record of scholarship and SAS Doctoral Faculty complete an annual Academic Review. Learn more