Top-Tier Research Conference Award

Top-Tier Research Conference Award


This award is designed to recognize active University of Phoenix faculty for presenting original research at selected peer reviewed conferences while representing University of Phoenix.

Additional Details

Peer-reviewed research conference presentation at eligible conferences: AERA, TQR, ILA , AOM, AECT.

Award may be up to $200.00. Must apply for award before conference and after presentation has been accepted.  Funds disbursed after verification of conference presentation.  Research submitted for awards must be included in the submitter’s faculty profile to be considered. Note: publications/presentations related or similar to other submitted publications/presentations will be awarded at reduced amounts. As well, no more than 1 award is allowed per person, per event, for presenting and for publishing, and no more than 3 awards in a year per person.

Application Requirements

  1. Applicants must fill out the Application Form.
  2. Letter of acceptance must be included in the application packet. This must show that the presentation was peer reviewed, or the applicant must show additional documentation verifying that they were peer reviewed.
  3. In addition, a copy of the program page which includes the applicant’s name and University of Phoenix Affiliation must be provided.
  4. PowerPoint presentation or the poster file must be submitted with Application Form. If the conference paper is available please submit it as well, or link to the proceedings.
  5. All materials used in presentation should have University of Phoenix logos which we will provide upon request. For this award your name should be exclusively associated with University of Phoenix and not any competing higher education institutions.
  6. Provide your registration receipt or a photo of the applicant in front of their presentation.
  7. Research submitted for awards must be included in the submitter’s faculty profile to be considered. 
  8. All documents should be submitted electronically using the UOPX InfoReady portal (below).

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