Online Survey Tools

Online Survey Tools

While the University does not endorse any one online survey vendor or product, we have worked with our researchers to identify features and functionality to consider when making a choice. Surveys are used in a wide range of applications, from empirical research to collecting user feedback. This page focuses on survey use in research studies. 

Online survey products and plans vary and researchers should consider what product features are needed to support their particular study design. Researchers should examine the limits and functionality, as well as cost, of multiple products as they make a decision. We provide a comparison of few possible options below.

Key Features to Consider

As a start, we encourage researchers to select a product by considering the following features:

  • Length of time you will need access to the tool,
  • Number responses you anticipate,
  • How you intend to distribute your survey,
  • Survey design functionality (types of questions you will ask),
  • Ability to access reports about your data collection in real-time,
  • How the data can be exported,
  • Data security during and after the data collection, and
  • Educational discounts.

Important: Although a product may include a given feature, functionality varies across programs and plans. It is the researcher’s responsibility to determine which product best aligns with their online survey project.

Tool Comparison

Although the University does not endorse any particular product, and new online survey products enter the market regularly, we recently reviewed the following five online survey tools, which are regularly used by academic researchers. These tools offer discounts to educators, with some products providing free plans to students and/or faculty. Whether you decide on one of these options, or select one of the many other online survey tools on the market, considering product features and functionality will ensure your data collection is a success.

  SurveyMonkey SurveyGizmo Zoho Survey SoGoSurvey QuestionPro
Monthly Cost - Education $25/mo - standard no - annual fee
25% discount to Students
Free Students - Standard Free Students - Plus  Free Students - Professional
Educational Discount View on provider's website View on provider's website View on provider's website View on provider's website View on provider's website
Limits #Responses unlimited unlimited 2,500/mo 5,000/mo 1,000/mo
Limits #Questions unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Audience Distribution Features Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Question Types Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Skip Logic Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Realtime Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Export CSV Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Export SPSS Yes - Advantage only Yes - Market research only No Yes - Enterprise only Yes - Corporate and Team only
Data Security Features Yes Yes Yes Yes yes
Feature Comparison Info View on provider's website View on provider's website View on provider's website View on provider's website View on provider's website

More Information

Visit the UOPX Library page to access the Sage Research Methods Guide.  On the right menu select Questionnaires to learn about questionnaire/survey design and Surveys to learn about survey research. The guides include full books, articles, videos, case studies, and more. 

Have questions or need more support?  Reach out to *If you are a UOPX student, we direct you to first have a conversation with your professor or dissertation chair.