Research Services Offered by the Centers

For businesses who might be interested in some of the services that the Research Centers may offer, we have created this specialized page where you can also download a "services document." This document provides a more comprehensive view of what the Research and Scholarship Enterprise (RSE) has to offer companies in the way of third-party research, specialized presentations, and more, to help organizations benefit and move forward.


Please feel free to download the pdf


You may also email any of the RSE Chairs concerning your organization's specific interests.


Dr. Kimbery Underwood-Chair for the Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion


Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi-Chair for the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology


Dr. Rodney Luster-Chair for the Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational



Our Mission    

The University of Phoenix research centers (within the College of Doctoral Studies) provide practical, problem-driven solutions and services focused on meeting the critical needs and trends shaping today’s organizations. Each research center consists of a community of researchers and industry experts committed to the highest levels of research integrity   and overall quality within numerous domains. Our mission is to lead, integrate, and deliver multidisciplinary, rigorous research and development solutions in the core areas of leadership, workplace inclusion and diversity, and education alongside  technology.   

Our Services    

When it pertains to organizational research, our research centers engage in comprehensive third-party  research for companies on a case-by-case basis. All considerations are, of course, dependent upon the scope of project, time frame and more. We also work across all sectors of business needs including leadership and organizational research, diversity and inclusion research, and educational and technology research, allowing for an array of organizational flexibility and reach.

Speaking Engagements 

The RSE offers a "speaker" service that provides services ranging from short technical presentations to more complex keynote addresses. Our dynamic membership consists of highly qualified experts who possess a wide range of professional expertise in many areas. Over the past ten years, the research centers have made thousands of these    presentations to companies representing technology, business, government, higher education, K-12 education, and healthcare.

Our affiliates also serve as frequent expert presenters at top-tier conferences around the world including:     

  • The American Psychological Association 

  • The American Educational Research Association 

  • The Society for Human Resources Management 

  • The International Leadership Association 

  • The Academy of Management 

  • The Association for Educational Communications & Technology

Professional Development 

We also offer a wide variety of professional development sessions aimed at driving performance, growth, engagement, and leadership excellence. Training, workshops, and coaching sessions are led by industry experts. These services may range from single, short-burst sessions to multi-day learning sessions. A few examples of these services   include:    

  • Remote work skills development 

  • Building inclusive working environments 

  • Coaching to improve employee performance 

  • Leader effectiveness in organizations 

  • Research to Publication workshops 

  • Research methodology consulting

Industry Whitepapers 

The RSE offers specialized "business writing" services for industries who are interested in using "whitepapers" and "blogs" to articulate focused industry specific ideas or understand trends. Whitepapers are short-burst mediums offering organizations the prospect of learning and educating or enlarging perspectives about specialized topics.