The Research Process, by Phase

The Research Process, by Phase

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Getting Started​

Learn more about creating and developing a solid research topic. View Getting Started.

Preparing Your Study

Work your project from a simple topic to a full proposal. View Preparing Your Study

Getting Approvals

Learn more about various research approval processes, including those specific to the University of Phoenix. View Getting Approvals

Collecting and Analyzing Data

Staff and full-time faculty provide advice on the gathering and analysis of your research data. View Collecting and Analyzing Data

Addressing Common Roadblocks

Learn about common issues encountered by researchers and provide tips on how to avoid, mitigate, or overcome them. View Addressing Common Roadblocks

Publishing Your Research

Strategies and resources to help University-affiliated researchers be selected for publication in reputable journals. View Publishing Your Research

Presenting Your Research

Guidance for submission to reputable academic and industry conferences. View Presenting Your Research

Networking, Leadership, and Professional Advancement

View a variety of resources on networking and leading within your field. View Networking, Leadership, and Professional Advancement