About the Research Process Blog

About the Research Process Blog


The Research Process Blog is a monthly blog managed by the Office of Scholarship Support with content written by approved subject-matter experts.  This blog is focused on providing content to students and faculty who are actively working on research projects.  Once a month or more, new blogs are posted on topics relevant to the research discipline processes engaged in by faculty, students, and alumni of UOPX.  The Research Process Blog was launched in October 2015.


The goal for the "Research Process Blog" is to demystify the research process. Its focus is on an audience of new or returning researchers, which can include both University-affiliated researchers and those who are not currently affiliated with the University.  Content provides knowledge and actions that scholars can apply to their work.

Managing Editor

The Office of Scholarship Support’s Communication Project Manager serves as the managing editor.

As needed, additional reviews may be provided by staff within the School of Advanced Studies, university research center chairs, or peer experts.

Topics Covered

The research process blog invites submissions and publishes on the following topics:

  • Professional development as a researcher
  • Innovative research methods
  • Best practices in research methods
  • Selecting presentation and publication outlets
  • Policy/compliance practices
  • Funding and awards

See the blog’s homepage for the latest in the series.  Popular blog topics, such as publication, are classified into sub-groups on the blog's right-side menu. Have a topic you would like to see? Submit it via the form to the left.

Write for the Blog

We are always looking for subject matter experts to contribute to the Research Process Blog. To suggest a topic or volunteer to author for the Research Process Blog, you must work directly with the managing editor.

To connect with the managing editor about topics, to volunteer as an author, or any other general questions, please use the form to the right. 

The Editorial Process

The Research Process Blog maintains an editorial calendar to ensure high standards and regular content.  Below outlines the editorial process:

  1. Contact the managing editor to indicate your interest in authoring or to propose a topic. You may also request a list of topics in need of authors.
  2. The managing editor will work with you to settle on a deadline and provide additional posting requirements.
  3. You will then draft your post and submit to the site administrator.
  4. The managing editor will proof and provide feedback, if needed.  Peer-reviewers will be used to collect additional feedback as needed or requested by author.
  5. The finalized post will be added to the site under your authorship and heavily promoted within the site and related communications.
  6. Your profile image and link will display alongside your blog post, allowing others to identify the author and possibly contact them outside the site.
  7. Any comment notifications will be sent to your user inbox and it is your responsibility to manage any discussion that stems from them.

Submission Guidelines

The managing editor will work with authors to meet specific guidelines.  In general, blogs are between 500-1000 words and have an introduction, in-depth content, and take away components. References and additional resources are encouraged. Longer content may need to be broken down into a series. The Research Hub Posting Guidelines apply.

Learn how to format your content for moderator approval.


Information included in this blog is intended to serve a general audience of researchers.Topics for a specific research discipline or audience may be better suited for the research centers’ blogs. If you are unsure of where a topic you would like to blog about falls, reach out to the editor for guidance.

Items that conflict with existing guidance around existing processes, such as course materials, are restricted. View the Research Hub Posting Guidelines for more details. Submissions not received by the deadline set may be rescheduled or reassigned at the managing editors discretion. Additionally, you must be a registered user of the Research Hub to author content on the site.

Comments Policy

The Research Process Blog accepts comments at the bottom of each blog post.  Users must be logged in to post a comment.  Inappropriate comments will be deleted.

Volunteer to Author

Submitting Other Content

Registered users are welcome to submit news and blog entries to groups they join on the site. Approval for these posts is managed within your group and will depend on your group manager / Research Chair.