Quantitative Resources, Conferences, Journals

Quantitative Resources

How to Analyze Quantitative Data (introduction) Webinar, by Dr. Kebritchi. The video can be found hereThe Power Point slides can be found here

Data Analysis Software

  • SAS , free for students  

  • Excel , can be accessed via Microsoft office 365.

  • How to use Excel for Descriptive and Inferential Statistics webinar by Dr. Sloboda. The slides can be found here; the video can be found here; the transcript can be found here.

  • SPSS 

SPSS Lessons

SPSS for Beginners 1: Introduction Video

Statistics Help

Statistics Laerd

University of Texas, Department of Statistics and Data Sciences

Software Tutorials

Calculating the Sample Size Power Point Presentatlon

Sample Size

Non Experimental Research Power Point Presentatlon

Non Experimental Research

Conceptual/Theoretical Framework Power Point Presentatlon

Conceptual Theoretical Framework


Quantitative Journals 


Quantitative Conferences