Objectives and Research Agenda


Who are we?

A cross disciplinary community of researchers consists of committee of methodologists and members who are experts or interested in social science research methods and designs.

Mission: Why do we need RMG?

The mission of the group is to enhance the university researchers’ research method knowledges and skills and to enhance:
•Research center studies
•Resources for Faculty, Staff, Students across UOPX
•Internal studies within UOPX
•Students’ retentions/satisfactions
•UOPX brand, increase students’ enrolments 
•Opportunity for sponsored programs/external partnership

How do we fulfill the mission of RMG?

We have formed and cultivated a resourceful network of quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods committee of methodologists. The methodologists are experts in at least one of the established research methods and designs and committed in enhancing quality of research method and design of studies conducted within University of Phoenix. The responsibilities of committee of methodologists are included but not limited to:
  • Collaborate as committee of experts and enrich research method knowledge and skills of University of Phoenix researchers.
  • Develop materials and guidelines related to the assigned method/design.
  • Develop and offer web-based trainings related to the assigned method/design.
  • Share their expertise with faculty, staff, and students and help them enrich the quality of their research method and design.   
  • Address conflicts, issues, and challenges related to the assigned method and design.  
  • Conduct research 

Who is eligible to join RMG? 


We invite UOPX faculty, staff, students, alumni from all colleges joining us. 

Why do you need to join RMG? 

We invite you joining RMG to enjoy the following benefits:   

•      Use the provided research design guidelines, materials, and resources

•      Attend monthly research method and design Webinars

•      Resolve your questions about research designs and methods

•       Conduct research related to research methods and designs

•      Write blogs about research methods and designs

•      Join the research design groups and collaborate with the RMG methodologists

Research Agenda

Research agenda may be included but not limited to:

  • Issues and challenges related to implementing the established research methods and deigns such as qualitative and quantitative research methods and designs, mixed methods, action research, and program evaluation
  • Exploring new and emerging research designs within qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods such as arts-based, collaborative inquiry, and appreciative inquiry 
  • Effective practices related to teaching and learning research methods and designs