General Research Grant

GeneralResearch Grants


"Further knowledge in your discipline"

The purpose of the University of Phoenix general research grant program is to assist faculty in planning, developing and executing meaningful research. The expectation is that findings from this research will be reported in scholarly and/or professional channels.


Research proposed, currently engaged or near completion, with preference given to research that focuses on areas of public interest, ideally in collaboration with other institutions, or develops or leverages industry relationships that benefit the University and our students.

Funding Amounts

Up to $1,000 depending on the scope of the proposed project.


Applications will be considered on methodological rigor, potential for scholarly and pedagogical contribution, as well as on practical merit.

Application Requirements

A successful proposal will represent a modest contribution to the literature, stemming from an analysis of primary data that seeks to provide a minor benefit to a selected field. Successful applicants need not demonstrate experience in the execution and publication of previous research in peer-reviewed journals.

Submit a Proposal

Ready to submit your proposal?  Click the link below to access the application portal for the General Research Grant  And, don't worry about time, you can save your proposal and come back to it to submit if needed.

As of Fall 2018, all proposals must be submitted using the UOPX grant management portal, InfoReady.  If you have not yet used this site, you will need to create an account using your faculty or staff email address. We do not accept hard copy applications outside of Infoready. 

As of Feb. 23, 2022

We are working behind the scenes to make the application of funding not only easier but something that will be applied to your faculty profile! This allows you to demonstrate your awarded grants within the same place where your faculty credentials are housed.

As we migrate to the other system, while it is being built for us, we will be temporarily stopping awards for grant submissions until June 2022. However, that does not mean that you cannot still apply for the various awards. What will happen is that your desire to apply will be held in queue until our other system is built. What this will do for you is allow you the opportunity to be in line to try the new system once it's up and running.

We ask for your patience during the interim. You can follow the  link provided here to submit for the desired award.


Again, this only puts you in queue for the new system. It does not mean that you will be awarded based on the submission. Once the new system is up and running, we can then proceed with those who submit as test applicants in the new system and evaluate the applications at that time.

Infoready, the system you may have used previously for applying for grants, will be retired beginning in  February and no longer used for awards.