Faculty Honorarium Program

Faculty Honorarium Program

"Be recognized for your scholarly engagement"

Who is Eligible to Apply

The Faculty Honorarium program is designed for active faculty members who have presented the scholarship at regional, national, or international academic conferences to offset travel and registration expenses or who have published scholarship in a professional or scholarly venue. These faculty have visibly represented their affiliation with the Univeristy within their presentation, the program, or in their publication. Faculty scholarship aligns to the UOPX's adoption of Boyer's Model of Scholarship: unique contributions to discovery, integration, application, or teaching. 

Full-time faculty are not eligible for this award. Staff members who are also faculty but complete the research and writing or give the presentation as a part of their normal staff duties or during their staff time are not eligible.

How Often You Can Apply

Faculty may have up to four approved Honoraria per the calendar year.

Criteria and FAQs

Are all public forums acceptable? 

Not all public forums are considered appropriate for honoraria and the University reserves the right to evaluate both the appropriateness of the scholarship and the forum in which it is presented.

The Honorarium is not awarded for campus-sponsored events, conference activities aside from peer-reviewed presentations/posters, proposed research, paid venues like CE classes or other lecture/presentations that are paid, and self-publishing / vanity press publications. Predatory journals conferences are only awarded at the college's discretion. Paid presentations, publications, etc. are not awarded.

What do I need to submit for an Honorarium?

Adequate documentation in order to demonstrate the completion of the scholarship activity should be submitted. Examples of this may include conference presentation, conference agenda, brochure, link to the conference website, physical publication, copies of the publication, link for online publication, ISBN, etc. Word documents or PowerPoint presentations cannot be the only documentation submitted; official documentation must be provided as well.

How do I update my Academic Credentials?

  1. Login to eCampus
  2. Click on your name at the top right
  3. Select “My Account”
  4. Select “My Academic Credentials”
  5. Acknowledge the agreement
  6. Select “Scholarship”
  7. Select “Add Scholarship”
  8. Enter your info and submit

How much do I get paid for an approved Honorarium?

The Faculty Honorarium awards $400 for all presentations/publications after 1/1/2016

If I receive a grant or teaching and learning fellowship, does that prevent me from receiving the Honorarium award?

No, grant and teaching and learning fellowship recipients are not excluded from receiving Honorarium awards. 


Submission to the Faculty Honorarium program must take place no later than three months after publication or presentation.  Faculty must be an active faculty member.  


To apply, submit an application using our grant management portal, via InfoReady.  If you already have an account with InfoReady, you do not need to create a new one.  If you have not yet set up an account, create one using your eCampus email.