Funding Eligibility

Funding Eligibility

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding scholarship funding centers on who is eligible to apply for each program. The chart below details the eligible group(s) for each award.

Eligibility Matrix

Program Name Eligible Group(s) 
Teaching and Learning Fellowship Active faculty with all levels of research experience
General Research Grant Active faculty with research experience
Excellence in Publishing Award   Active faculty
Faculty Honorarium Active faculty
SAS Research Presentation Awards     Active SAS faculty, students, and alumni

Scholarship Presentation Award

Active Non-SAS faculty, all staff
Dissertation of the Year Award SAS graduates

Per the UOPX Faculty Handbook, active faculty are defined as having taught within the last 6 months and are current on all required trainings and/or certifications.   

Review our Funding FAQs to learn more about who can receive funding, when to expect disbursement, and more.

For more information and application eligibility, please contact the Office of Scholarship Support at