Funding Eligibility

Funding Eligibility


For the 2019-2020 year, the College of Doctoral Studies (CDS) will be initiating a new series of grant/award opportunities beginning in October. The Faculty Honorarium is currently still in place but other award/grant potentials are being revised at this time to better reflect the College of Doctoral Studies aspirations for revisioned research possibilities.

Please check back on this page for any additional announcements or updates pertaining to the newly revisioned award/grant possibilities. 


We do NOT award for items published in journals that are considered predatory or vanity presses. To learn more about these types of publications, please review the articles below before submitting.

·         How to Identify a Predatory Publisher

·         Understanding Vanity Presses

Eligibility Matrix

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding scholarship funding centers on who is eligible to apply for each program. The chart below details the eligible group(s) for each award.

Funding Program

 Audience It Supports

   Max Award Amount  

What is Funded

General Research Grant

All active UOPX faculty

Up to $5000

Research proposal

Teaching & Learning Fellowship

All active faculty

Up to $10,000

Research proposal

Research Fellowships

All active faculty affiliated with a research center (URC)


Research proposal + other requires per URC

Faculty Honorarium

All active faculty

$200 (after 01/01/19)

All forms of faculty scholarship, typically published or presented

SAS Presentation Award (“Research Presentation Award”)

Active SAS faculty, SAS students, SAS Alumni

$500-$1500 depending on the rigor of conference

Peer-reviewed research conference presentation

Scholarship Presentation Award

Staff and active, non-SAS faculty

$500-1000 depending on the rigor of sponsor

All types of scholarship presentations

Dissertation of the Year Award

SAS students $500 Student dissertation research



Per the UOPX Faculty Handbook, active faculty are defined as having taught within the last 6 months and are current on all required trainings and/or certifications.   

Review our Funding FAQs to learn more about who can receive funding, when to expect disbursement, and more.

For more information and application eligibility, please contact the Office of Scholarship Support at