Research Funding Overview

Research Funding Overview


As of 9.19.2022

How faculty should now proceed to submit funding. Please follow the instructions for the new system below:

How to apply
1. Enter eCampus and select the Accounts Tab, followed by My Faculty Credentials.
2. Faculty will be taken into their credentials system of record, form there select University Awards and Grants.
3. Click on the green plus sign next to the type of award or grant you wish to apply for.
4. Complete the pre-application form.
5. Once the initial form is complete, faculty will receive an email to their faculty issued email address with a link to complete the application.
6. Clicking on the link within the email will take faculty back to the system of record for the completion of the application.
7. Complete all required fields and attach your supporting documentation as instructed.
8. Once all information has been completed, click on Submit.


If you are starting your research and looking for research grants, the University provides several funding options. You may already be engaged in research and innovation as part of your academic or professional role. If you publish or present as an affiliate of the University of Phoenix, you can apply for a funding award.