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This page was created to help provide monthly announcements, current happenings in the three centers, current work products and any other monthly currency from the research centers. It is provided as a quick, one-stop shop for updates. The monthly newsletter, Research Addendum, will also be archived here as well.

APRIL 1st-31st-2021

RSE Monthly Research News-May

All newsletter content will be linked month starting January and running through 2021.

The Research Addendum represents a quick look, a memo-style document for current work products, projects, conferences, workshops and other items that the Research and Scholarship Enterprise (RSE) has currently undertaken or produced. Because this is a monthly document, you can expect a first week delivery at the beginning of each month and will be archived at the hub for further access.

Conferences, Presentations, Briefs: Upcoming, Planned and Completed


  • Call for Proposals in launched for the Aug. 12-14 Summit: University of Phoenix and the College of Doctoral Studies' Annual Research Summit: The Nexus of Change is coming up. The landing page for the summit is in development, with an announcement coming soon. The call for proposals will open soon.


  • Eventbrite registration for the Summit is live: University of Phoenix and the College of Doctoral Studies' Annual Research Summit: The Nexus of Change is coming up. The landing page for the summit is live. Submissions for proposals to present portal. To register for the event at Eventbrite, you may do so here.
  • APA Convention August 12th-14th: Rodney Luster presenting at the convention-premiere event for psychology industry
  • AECT Conference-Nov 2nd-6th-CEITR-6 presentation proposals submitted for presentation at AECT 2021
  • TQR 13th Annual Research Conference-The qualitative Report Conference is an annual event where UOPX has represented yearly. 6 presentation proposals submitted for presentation at TQR 2022


Writing and Publishing Projects


  • Current-White Paper Project (on-going call): We are engaged in writing white papers on specicfic topical matter, three to four pages in length, for placement with our marketing team. Interested parties should reach out to one of the center chairs at the bottom of this newsletter for more information. Currently we are have more than a dozen substanial white papers being marketed and will be writing more again in May.
  • Current-Phoenix Scholar: The new scheduled edition for the Phoenix Scholar will be live May 15th. The publication focuses on some of the prior Summit Research Conference presentations as well as looking at the August upcoming Conference. Interviews with a former Alum, thoughtt leadership pieces and more. Look for the upcoming issue cover soon or explore archived issues as well.
  • Former-In process-of review status-Journal of Leadership Studies Symposium: The CWDIR is in the process of publishing a five-article symposium with the Journal of Leadership Studies. This symposium examines leadership and various communities of practice as it relates to leading amidst a pandemic. It also includes an article from the Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research (CLSOR).  
  • Current-CLSOR has upcoming blogs on "The New Business of Leaders Navigating Change," "The Impact of Dispositional Mindfulness on Leadership and Decision Making," and "Generations in the Workplace: The Context of Change."


Current White Papers

  • "Managing the Stress Arc: Using Evidenced-Based Cognitive Strategies for Training Employees in Industry to Deal with Large-Scale Disaster and Rapid Change" by Dr. Rodney Luster
  • "Reconnecting with Self and Outside Activities Add to Career Enjoyment, Happiness Levels" by Dr. Erik Bean
  • "Women of Color: A Summary of Experiences in Higher Education and the Workforce" by Kimberly Underwood, Sandra Sessoms-Penny and Joy Taylor
  • "The Impact of Phenomenon: Women and Minorities in the Workforce Gender Wage Gap" by Dr. Kim Sanders

Special Projects


  • The CLSOR Informing Science Special Interest Group is comprised of research fellows around the Informing Science Publication and future publishing potentials.
  • CWDIR has formed a new special interest group focused on healthcare research. Teams have begun research projects.
  • The CDS Alumni Special Interest Group is formed by four research teams for a 2021 project series. All research participants are University doctoral alumni. The projects will be completed within 12 months. Since 2018, the CDS Alumni SIG has sponsored four research team projects every year and guided the completion of the projects within 12 months. For further details, please visit CDS Alumni SIG website.
  • Fellows in Residence: The CLSOR first inaugural group, consisting of five fellows, has now established two other roles for all centers — Research Assistant and Scholar in Residence — whose pages are under development. Meet the fellows in residence and find out more about this program. CWDIR has selected five Scholars in Residence.
  • The CLSOR Leadership Perspectives launched interviews with leaders on various recorded topics, such as short-burst learning and faculty welcoming videos. See the interview with Dr. Mark McCaslin on misleadership.
  • Research teams for 2021 CEITR/Adult Learners and Career Development Research Labs have been formed. The project focuses on University internal institutional topics sponsored by Vice Provosts Dr. Hinrich Eylers and Doris Savron. A total of 41 research participants from all colleges across the University joined nine research teams. CEITR offers structured guidelines and monthly meetings. The first informational synchronous session was held on Jan. 22, and the second session on Jan. 29. For further details, please visit CEITR website.
  • The CEITR Research Methodology Group (RMG) began new initiatives in January. Office hours are by appointment for students and faculty to address their method and design questions. 
  • CEITR developed two sets of surveys to be sent to students and faculty to further learn about topics and ways of advancing support of students and faculty. 
  • CWDIR completed the large-scale graduate-focused study, which focused on assessing the value of the UOPX bachelor's degree through the lens of women of color. This mixed methods study included the insights from 1,900 revent graduates and outcomes were shared with the provost, vice provosts and deans of all seven colleges.
  • CWDIR recently completed the second phase of research within the Black male educator research project.
  • CEITR completed the large-scale Faculty Motivation Study, which focused on the motivation factors of faculty teaching across all University colleges. In 2020, 355 faculty from all colleges participated, and outcomes were shared with the provost, vice provosts and deans of all seven colleges.


Workshops from May - July 2021

  • May 6, 2021-4:00-5:00PM-How to collect visual arts data Description: This workshop provides an overview of issues, strategies, effective practices, and challenges for visual arts data collection-Dr. Ryan Rominger, Dr. Jim Lane, and Dr. Liz Johnston

  • May 20, 2021-4:00 – 5:00PM-UOPX doctoral graduate guest speaker: Dr. Simone Arnold. Host: Dr. Louise Underdahl. 

  • May 27, 2021- 4:00-5:00PM- Alignment in Research (Part 2)-Dr. Diane Archer-Banks and Dr. Ashraf Esmail

  • June 10, 2021-4:00-5:00PM- How to conduct appreciative inquiry research design-Dr. Liz Johnston

  • June 24, 2021-4:00-5:00PM-How to collect data from journals/newspapers and other print data. Data Collection-Dr. Erik Bean

  • July 8, 2021-4:00-5:00PM-Synthesizing LIterature for Scholarly Writing Writing Dr. Diane Archer-Banks and Dr. Ashraf Esmail

  • July 22, 2021-4:00-5:00PM-How to Access and Use Existing/Archived Databases/Data sets. Data Collection Dr. Brian Sloboda 


For further details and recordings of these webinars, the workshop calendar and the workshop list for 2021, please see Workshop website.


In the Works


  • The CEITR grit-promotion study focuses on improving students’ grit, retention rate and assignment complete rate. The grit-promotion module was developed to be integrated into the first two courses of the undergraduate program at the College of General Studies. This is a PIMO project sponsored by the Provost and Vice Provost Dr. Eylers.
  • CEITR plans to for develop short-burst learning videos related to method and design. For further details, please visit RMG website.
  • In a potential study, the CLSOR is currently considering 2021 studies and will be working with the Business School (Kevin Wilhelmson, Business Programs) on upcoming potentials.


For those who are interested in joining any of the centers on these work products, or for more information, please reach out to the following members:


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