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The research assistant role provides the (RSE) Research Center Enterprise and interested students the opportunity to work and collaborate together, build research acumen, and expand the nexus of potentials for students and faculty interested in developing projects and fostering research.

Research Assistant Defined-Defined

A “research assistant” is a voluntary role assumed by a University of Phoenix “Graduate Student” in one of our master’s level programs or doctoral programs. Research assistants help facilitate research projects and endeavors led by RSE Chairs that help foster and grow the engagement of research in students, offer learning opportunities, and compliment their current efforts in their education by engaging the practitioner component engaged in the philosophy of the College of Doctoral Studies.

The roles are strictly voluntary and are designed to engage several things such as:
  • Encourage and enlarge knowledge of research
  • Compliment a student’s academic matriculation
  • Allow for “bridging” potentials between universities where students may go on in masters programs to seek entry into doctoral programs that seek evidence of “research” work
  • Encourage “social anchoring” by affiliating students with a research community
Research Assistant Requirements (Soft)
  • Must be currently enrolled in the University of Phoenix in either a masters or doctoral program
  • Must be in “good standing” with the university. This means no probationary status and actively able to continue coursework within the institution
  • Can serve on a research project for the duration of the project or their interest in the role
  • Projects will be determined by the RSE Chairs in coordination with other colleges when necessary and final engagement of research activities will be left to the discretion of the RSE Chair.
**RA’s can resign from the voluntary role at will but should make every effort to inform their respective working RSE Chair formally.