The Basics of Platforms and Tools


Shindig Interactive Video Chat and Events Platform

Shindig's unique technology offers the dynamics and interactions of an in-person workshop, class, or event at internet scale. Shindig works with many higher education institutions and organizations to increase engagement and build stronger connections with applicants, students, guest lecturers, and faculty across town, across the country, and around the world.

To give you a snapshot of Shindig: 
  • Multi-tier interactivity and two-way communication between presenter(s) and attendee(s) as well as between attendees, including sharing rich and static media.
  • Each session can accommodate up to 1,000 active attendees and offers exclusive social media streaming integration to reach any size audience. Simultaneously stream to Facebook Live on multiple pages and on youTube
  • Browser-based, no software to download
  • Runs on WebRTC, not Flash
  • Student/Audience engagement analytics
  • Customized branding
In order to have the best experience with the Shindig Interactive Video Chat and Events Platform, we have supplied you a resource titled, "Preparing to Engage With the Shindig Interactive Video Chat and Events Platform." It is recommended that you review this guide prior to your attendance at events powered by Shindig. Individual sections of this guide can be accessed below as needed. 
Prepared by Dr. David E. Proudfoot, Center and Dr. Medgar Roberts, for Educational and Instructional Technology Research