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Recent Blog Posts

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Design Thinking: Important for the Development of Agile and Adaptable U.S. Army Leaders

The emerging emphasis and integration of design thinking in a wide spectrum of business organizations is responsive t

My Diploma on the Wall... Now What?

Alumnus and Researcher Dr. Jim Rice discusses his experiences in continuing research after completing his degree with the School of Advanced Studies. 

What I think is goin’ on: “Lights, Camera, No Camera!”

What I think is goin’ on:  “Lights, Camera, No Camera!”

Vergara and a Gathering of Stories

The track of court decisions in Vergara v.

Selecting a Research Topic

How does one select a good research topic? Read on for insights from Research Center Chair Dr. James Gillespie.

Servant Leadership and Foresight (Pillar 5)


How can workplace spirituality serve in law enforcement and policing?

There is mounting concern over the allegations by US citizenry and groups like Black Lives Matter regarding alleged e

Marginalized Students, Marginal Teachers, and the Principalship

Contractual strictures governing teacher tenure and dismissal procedures work to protect those teachers distinguished by their length of employment, rather than the quality of service to their students.

Workplace Bullying and Mobbing

Workplace bullying and mobbing are global issues and complex worldwide problems (Horvat & Pagon, 2012; Carnero, Martinez, & Sanchez-Mangas, 2012).

Research: The genesis of innovation in health care?

The pace of innovation in health care needs to quicken for health care organizations to achieve the

Blackboard Readiness Tool

Last week, Blackboard released th

Instructional Design Coffee Break Podcast

It’s going to be another exciting year at the CBE exchange. One of our speakers this year will be Ted Mitchell, The Under Secretary of Education.

Alignment: Driving Your Research Study on a Straight Path

Alignment is critical to the success of a research study. In the first of our three-part series on alignment, we discuss theoretical vs methodological alignment. 


When you start to build a competency-based program, the first thing you are going to notice is the big price tag that

Power Reading for Graduate Students

Reading in graduate school is different than reading for pleasure

New IO Student Bloggers

A new group of IO Students have joined the I/O CWDR Blogging team.

Reflections on the KWB conference

Along with several hundred other participants, Dr.

Research Agenda Setting to Popular Yoga Poses

Senior Research Fellow Dr. Erik Bean compares the many ways in which setting a research agenda is similar to beginning a yoga practice. Beginners welcome!

Imani Rising: A Conversation Between Dr. Liz Johnston and Alumna Dr. Imani Akin

Research Center Fellow, Dr. Liz Johnston, talks with alumnus Dr. Imani Akin about her experiences.

Apple's Healthkit Gaining Traction in Healthcare Research Efforts

Recent announcements by large health systems show that Apple’s HealthKit is moving into the mainstream of health care