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Recent Blog Posts

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The Classroom as Metaphor and Window to Democracy

Qualitative analysts apply metaphor to understand and explain.  In the current cultural malaise, one metaphor seems b

Boards, Associations: Tie Your Brand to the Field

Associate University Research Chair Erik Bean, Ed.D., discusses how to contribute to discipline-specific boards and associations.

How to Identify an Appropriate Research Problem

Research Chair Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi discusses where to find a research problem and how to evaluate it to ensure a solid foundation for your research project.

Thoughts for Doctoral Students: The Power of Writing

Writing well is required to assure success as a doctoral student.

Human Resources Analytics in the Workplace

Human resources analytics are a compilation of techniques used to analyze and collect data pertaining to different aspects of the workplace in order to make informed decisions and predictions based on calculations from the data collected (Dlomu & Spears, 2015). These techniques act like a research project from the development of a research design and research questions, to using the correct data collection method and statistics (Levenson, 2005).

$10 Million in Grants to Promote OpenNotes and Study Impact on Patient Engagement

More than ten million patients now have online access to the notes and care plans written by their doctors

Understanding Research Sampling

Dr. Aaron Coe, Program Dean of the School of Advanced Studies, discusses the effects of population selection, instance, and access on your sampling and the overall success of your research project.

Publications and Conferences

The Cultural Conflict and Society research community would like to welcome Dr Kimberly Underwood as the center direct

Common Research Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them

Associate Research Chair Dr. Sloboda discusses typical challenges faced by researchers and ways to beat them.

Tips for Getting Accepted for Presentation

Associate Research Chair, Dr. Erik Bean, discusses his recommendations for submitting your presentation to a quality research conference.

Working with Difficult People

Lead Area Faculty Chair for I/O Psychology, Dr. Amy Cooper Hakim, has just published her book, "Working with Difficult People".

Get the Right Tools for Research

Writing well remains a critical component of graduate student success.

21st Century Cures Act Shows Bipartisan Support for Advancing Health IT

Tucked away in the bipartisan 21st Century Cures Act, just passed by both chambers of Congress and ready for President Obama’s signature, is legislation that could have a profound impact on the drive for more widespread interoperability of electronic health record systems (EHRs).

Nine new IO Bloggers join the Team in November

New Bloggers Join the I-O In Action Blog

Can Companion Animals Facilitate Improved Communication In Organizations?

By: Melissa Szydlek

Overcoming Inertia in Research

Research Fellow and Dissertation Chair Dr. Pamela Gordon discusses ways to create and maintain momentum while conducting research. 

Four Steps to Help Avoid Publishing Pitfalls

The purpose of this blog is to share some of my publishing experiences as a means of providing practical yet motivati

Use Questions to Develop an Outline

I find that to really understand something, I must ask and answer questions.

Pecha Kucha At AECT - Something Different In The World Of Peer Reviewed Presentations

In late October I and two of my colleagues had the opportunity to present at the annual convention for the Associatio