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"Gringos" Discuss Effects of Moroccan Aid at Buenos Aires Conference

     Center For Global Business Founder and Director Fiona Sussan and Center Fellow Lou Daily have “followed the mone

Neutralizing Army Leadership with Transformational Leadership

Through adopting transformational leadership, the Army organization may find a way to create a more inclusive culture, which is gender-neutral.


     During the seventies and eighties, no place in the world was more synonymous with death, destruction and misery

Design Thinking and the Wicked Problem of Gender Bias

The Shift from Diversity to Inclusion: On the road to Servant Leadership

We Rise for Scholarship: Detroit Market Community of Scholars Research Presentations, Part I

Several Community of Scholars members presented summaries of their research projects at the General Faculty Meeting o

Managing Your Scholarly Reputation Score

There’s a number in the making about you. It’s not your weight, cholesterol, or credit rating.

Women’s Leadership Conference for Practitioners

While most of my attention these days seems to be on the scholarship side of women and leadership, on Thursday, April

Expectancy Theory and the Impact on Leadership

Understanding leadership requires focus on a leader’s role, development of expertise, and progression of leadership c

Dr. Leslie Miller I/O Practitioner in Action

Sometimes I wonder if students in my graduate research courses and those students working on a dissertation really un

Employee Mindset and Self-Efficacy Development

       In 1977, Albert Bandura proposed a theory of behavioral change focused on self-efficacy.

Food for Thought

As dissertation Chairs, when we read a student's proposal, how often do we sit back and ask " How can I help this per

Book Chapter by CEITR Researchers Drs. Nunn, Brown-Joseph, and Susberry Hill Featured in New Book about Culture, Learning, and Technology Published by Routledge

Recently, CEITR Researchers Dr. Sandra Nunn, Dr. Lequisha Brown Joseph, and Dr.

Personal Experiences and Lessons from 2015 ILA-WLAG Conference

Hello everyone!

Leadership Style, Entrepreneurial Orientation, and Business Performance of U.S. Minority-Owned Enterprises

Minority-owned businesses potentially represent the most powerful wealth-building engines in the United States economy (U.S. Department of Commerce, Minority Business Agency, 2016).  Thus, the emergence, growth, and development of minority-owned business enterprises carry the potential for improving the economy of the nation and the economic self-sufficiency of minority populations.

Developing Your Research Topic

Research Fellow LauraAnn Migliore, Ph.D. shares her personal experiences to demonstrate the steps needed to refine your selected research topic.

Writing Your Research Proposal

Research Center Chair Mansureh Kebritchi, Ph.D., shares her advice on writing a high-quality research proposal, which can lead to a higher-quality research project in time.

Collaboration, Conferences, and Serendipity

Webster defines serendipity as “finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.” In this spirit, faculty, students, and colleagues may be interested in learning about the networking and opportunities that arise by taking a chance to present at a conference. In January 2016, several colleagues and I brainstormed about possible topics for a collaborative research endeavor and decided upon senior entrepreneurship (AARP, 2014; Isele, 2014; Stangler, 2014).

Knowledge Without Boundaries Symposium - April 10, 2017

1967 President's Commission- 50th Anniversary

Members of this community and David May, Mississippi State University, College of Sociology/ Criminal Justice (ACJS C