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Research Opportunities on the Rising Cost of Healthcare

With the advance of technology, improved communication, and improving accessibility, healthcare is moving forward at

Can Electronic Health Records Lead to Employee Turnover?

“For some of the physicians it was just one

Hospitality at the 2018 Virtual KWB conference

The 2018 Knowledge without Boundaries (KWB) annual conference evolved from a traditional face to face to a virtual ex

Perplexities of Gender Inclusivity in Higher Education: A New Commission for Scholar-Practitioner-Leaders


Tenure and Promotion: The F.A.T.E. of Adjunct Faculty in Higher Education

Tenure an

High Reliability Organizations

One area of focus for the Center for Health and Nursing Research is the study of High Reliability Organizations in he

#ALL Lives Matter: An Educational Perspective, Majority Minority Nation

The history of education in America is nearly as old as America herself.

#All Lives Matter: An Educational Perspective, Parental Influence, Part II

The National Center for Educational Statistics is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data relate

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Classroom Management in a Politically Charged Climate

Within today’s political climate, Americans appear to be more divided.

#All Lives Matter: An Educational Perspective, Parental Influence

There’s an old adage which says, “Do as I say, and Not as I do.” This order first appeared in 

Detroit Rising! A Practical Exercise in the Scholarship of Engagement-Part 2

Building on Boyers (1996) concepts for the Scholarship of Engagement, Barker (2004)  offered a taxonomy of five emerg

Plagiarism: The Hijacking of Curriculum Vitas in Academia


Student Scholarships

Student Members of CLSER, this blog is for YOU!

Procrastination as a form of stress relief?

Procrastination is commonly the cause of a lot of stress for those of us who tend to put off important tasks until the last minute.  However, research supports that procrastination is really a form of stress relief.  

Blended Teaching Workshop

A new Blended Teaching Workshop has been developed by CEITR Team to train faculty members and staff at College of Edu

Integrating Technology Tools to More Actively Engage Students


Integrating Technology Tools to More Actively Engage Students

As an instructor of an online cou

Publish or Perish? - Not for the Phoenix Graduate

Publish or Perishis a term which was coined in 1932 by Coolidge.

Reasons to Get Involved in the SAS Alumni Special Interest Group and Other Alumni Groups at University of Phoenix