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Recent Blog Posts

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Women's Suffrage Movement I

When the U.S. Bill of Rights included the words "All Men are Created Equal" it was based on English common law.

Summer Travels

As many of us are traveling this summer, it is an opportune time to observe the cultural impact on globalization.

How to Design Jobs That Drive Motivation

According to Crabtree (2013, para. 2), “the bulk of employees worldwide, i.e., 63% are not engaged, and 24% are actively disengaged, which translates into 900 million not engaged and 340 million actively disengaged workers” because of insufficient motivation.

CEITR Fellow, Dr. Watkins' Final Thoughts on AECT Hong Kong presentation

A couple of final thoughts on my presentation in Hong Kong that I think are important to consider on education and te

How Do You Know You Have a Research-Worthy Problem?

Ellis and Levy define research-worthiness, describe its characteristics, provide examples, and describe what is not a research-worthy problem.

Ethics and Integrity in Peer Reviewed Research

Dr. Pamela Gordon discusses the importance of ethics in the peer-reviewing process and the impact research misconduct has on the community as a whole. 

Management by Objectives - Communication Theory: A Phenomenon in Management, Supervisor, and Employee Objectives

Management by Objectives (MBO) is a resource tool focusing on manager-employee motivation, strategic planning, and a process for a manager-employee agreement on performance goals and performance enhancement.

CEITR Fellow, Dr. Watkins' Observations of Hong Kong AECT Conference in China

This week I am in China presenting at the Hong Kong AECT conference a paper call

Researcher Responsibility in the Peer Review Process

Learn more about the researcher's responsibility in maintaining the integrity of their research, and how it correlates to the peer review process.

The Wonder and Power of Qualitative Inquiry

As scholar practitioners, we may focus our work around four constructs:  lifelong learning, solving immediate problem

Preventing Scope Creep in Your Research

Research Fellow Dr. LauraAnn Migliore discusses ways to keep your research focused and avoid scope creep for your projects.

The Importance of Peer Review: An Introduction

Learn more about the peer review process, including various types of peer review and how to become a peer reviewer.

Digital Trust Report Using Social Media Platforms

Hello fellow colleagues, and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! 

We Rise for Scholarship: Detroit Market Community of Scholars Research Presentations, Part II

Presenters demonstrated scholarly leadership as they discussed the highlights of their problem-based research projects centered on challenges in industry and in education.

Incorporating Emotional Intelligence Training in Leadership and Employee Development

When leaders motivate and lead employees effectively, they create respect between the leader and employee, which is a significant need among employees in today's workplace.

Faculty Questions About Research Centers and Engaging in Scholarship

In May, Central Florida’s UOPX campus recently held a General Faculty Meeting for online and ground faculty members that live in the “footprint” of the campus. This blog answers questions that were submitted during this event.

Resiliency by Design

In business, we know that

KWBA - Jersey City - Outcome

I had the opportunity to attend the KWBA in Jersey City, NJ this weekend.

Paper on Romanian Entrepreneurship Completes Hat Trick in Buenos Aires

Actually it was a hat trick for this contributing author but much more for the Center For Global Business Research.

SOLAR Membership: Opportunities and Benefits

As your first step in the scholarship process, you joined a Research Center.