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Recent Blog Posts

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Taking Your Health One “Step" at a Time

In the modern age of health there are many technologies available to us to promote positive health.

The Power of IT to Mobilize Healthcare’s Stakeholders and Achieve Common Aims (Part 1 of a 4-part series)


Competency Based Education

The Perfect Learning Management System for Competency Based Education

Globalization, Billionaires, and Philanthropy

I recently participated in a research workshop titled “Billionaires, Advanced Capitalism, Philanthropy, and Democracy”. It was attended by researchers from academia and think tanks, and practitioners from policy institutes and foundations (February 20, 2015, London School of Economics). The workshop is based on the most recent work of the host Professor Zoltan Acs.

The Evolving Definition of "Health"

“Health” is a term we use all the time and in various contexts.

The Psychology of Eating: It’s All Mental [Health]

A recent study published in BMJ Open reported that eating more fruits and vegetables promote better mental health and

Getting Emotional About Obesity

In recent decades, there has been a profound shift in the appetitive characteristics of depression.

Merit of Peer Review Procedure for Publication

I would like to share a story that was sent to me by Dr.

See Food, Eat Food: Both Makes Us Feel Good, One Makes Us Gain Weight

A recent report, published in Psychological Science, describes how the brain responds to foods: 

How to Grow Empathy in Healthcare

By Dr. Louise Underdahl and Dr. James Gillespie

Learning to Like Eating Healthier

A recent study, described in many media outlets, including CNN (see below) explained that you could train your brain

What Can Current Hot Jobs in Healthcare Tell Us About the Industry’s Future?


By Dr. James Gillespie & Dr. Lumbé Davis


Design Thinking

Design Thinking is alive and well at the Center for Workplace Diversity Research’s Design Thinking research group!

Is Prevention and Health Better in Cuba?

The US and Cuba have kept their distance for years.

Eating Healthier Can Be Realistic

So often I hear that we ("American's") do not eat healthy.

Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution, From Democracy to Creativity

The recent social unrest in Hong Kong has sparked a range of discourse from the obvious – e.g., democracy, universal

Will China Be the Next Gold Fix?

(Reuters, 10/21/2014) - The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) is working on plans for China's first forwards and option

Dispelling the Leader Myth

When confused with “leader” and “leading” leadership can become a social myth.  Gemmill and Oakley (1992) referred to

Big Data: One More Illusion

Firstly, I want to make clear that the purpose of this text is not to be against the so-called “big data”, but to ale