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Recent Blog Posts

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Where Your Nutrients Come From Matters

The New York Times recently wrote an article describing the effects of sugar on our health.

Partying Hard… and Sober

This weekend will be the 3rd annual Hazelfest in Center City, MN.

Academic Review: In the Spirit of Professional Development

Soon dissertation chairs and staff will all be engaging in a well thought out Academic Review process for University

My Loved One Is Incarcerated, Part I of III

My Loved One is Incarcerated: Questions too Daunting to Ask, Part I of III

Education and Hard Work Are Not Enough

Globalization is changing the nature of work. No longer are we confined to a single work space as technology now enables individuals the ability to compete internally, externally, and across borders.

48 Hours In Hong Kong

     The Association For Consumer Research, Asia-Pacific Conference 2015 was held June 19-21, in Hong Kong.

Making a Difference by Alumnus Pamela Kelly

By Dr. Pamela R. Kelly , DHA, MBA/HCM, 2014 Research Fellow

Bolstering Student Confidence Using Appreciative Inquiry

Non-traditional students – adults who decide to return to school after the age of 18-24 – may be intimidated by pursu

Five Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Research Center and Chair

Research Center Chairs continuously work to better serve their Center’s members by offering a number of scholarly act

Economics of Curbing Childhood Obesity

Now, more than ever, legislators, schools, policy makers and parents must deal with one of the nation’s most costly h

Competency in 'The Box'

Designing a competency based education program that meets the needs of students, employers and accreditors is difficu

Is Blood Transfusion a Dangerously Outdated “Game”?


The Business Case for Women on Boards

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been raising your awareness (and maybe your blood pressure) by focusing on the lack of women in top corporate jobs...

Oprah's Bunny ... And a Little Stress Reduction

“B is for Bunnies. Look at this picture. This picture of Oatmeal, the Angora rabbit. This fluffy, fluffy rabbit, who is lulling you into a sedate state of fluffy, fluffy bliss. Thanks Oatmeal.”

South Korea's Creative Economy - Where Is It Going?

After delivering the keynote speech at the Korean-ASEAN forum in Seoul Korea, I reflected on the status of Korea's cr

Not Even “Wonder Woman” Can Break the Glass Ceiling

In Smithsonian Magazine, Foreman (2014) discussed “Wonder Woman” as a proto-feminist ideal.

Setting Intentions on Your Doctoral Journey

In setting intentions for successfully and healthfully navigating the dissertation journey the first concern is about

Knowledge Without Boundaries Symposium

The School of Advanced Studies recently hosted the 2nd annual Knowledge Without Boundaries symposium, and ma

Why “Mad Men” Isn’t Really Over

AMC’s popular “Mad Men” television series just ended. In case you’ve been in deep space and missed it, “Mad Men” is about the heyday of the advertising business on Madison Avenue in the 60’s.

Five Tips for Making the Most of Your Dissertation Committee

I was fortunate to have had Dr. John Creswell as my dissertation advisor. He was instructive on how to form a committee that “works.” By that, he meant that the committee works for the topic, works as a functional and integrated group, and works to aid the doctoral candidate in developing and improving as a scholar/practitioner/leader.