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Recent Blog Posts

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Seismic Changes in Healthcare Research Looming: Are You Ready?


Using the Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit

To gain or maintain success in their programs, academic institutions constantly strive to provide various avenues to create opportunities for students, no matter the age, to become better educated.

Cultural Interactions and eLearning: Can Collaborative and Social Media Tools make a Difference?

There is increasing interest and debate within the research community on the role that collaborative virtual technolo

Even If You Know A Portion Is Too Large, Will You Eat More Anyways?

As a general rule, the answer is YES to the question in the title of this blog.

Employability at a Young Age

This post discusses the importance of reinvention, resilience, and reframing as abilities that an individual may have to increase employability as it relates to Murray’s (2015) post.

Getting the Most Out of Academic and Industry Conferences

Going to conferences can be expensive and time-consuming. Check out our tips for making the most of attending.

Costs and Benefits of the Academic Review Process

In this blog I want to present my reflections as a faculty and dissertation chair on the Academic Review Process that launched within the School of Advanced Studies last month.

New Bloggers Join CWDR IO Team

The latest additions to our team of emerging PhDs in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Helpful Tips for Publishing Your Manuscript

This is the final in a four-part series. Use the links below to view the rest of the series:

Preparing for Your Conference Presentation

You’ve submitted for and been accepted by a major industry event to present on a topic of your own. Read on for a few steps to help you prepare for the big day.

Digitization and Retailing

Retail has gone digital!

Excellence in Leadership

I would share my appreciation for

Health Contradictions: Using Your Health Sense

It is interesting to read through the many news reports about health today.

Preparing to Submit a Presentation to a Research Conference

Have you identified a conference you would like to submit your research to but are unsure of the next steps? Read on to learn more about preparing to submit a presentation to a research conference.

Understanding Differences between Academic and Industry Conferences

As the School of Advanced Studies moves forward with the ongoing growth in our research community, we’re working to p

Identifying and Choosing Research Conferences to Attend

Learn more about identifying a quality conference, including a downloadable tip sheet.

Using Secondary Data Sets in Research

As discussed during the August 2015 Research Content A

Startups and Job Creation

Tips for Writing a Great Curriculum Vitae

Crafting a quality Curriculum Vitae (CV) can be a daunting task.

Adopting and Promoting the New TOP Study Design Guidelines as a University

Are you tuned in to the debate surrounding the increase in studies retracted due to poor design? What about the growing chorus in the scholarly community for a forceful and focused response to scientific misconduct?