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Recent Blog Posts

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Writing Well for Scholarly Publications and Dissertations

Tips and advice on scholarly writing from Program Dean Diane Gavin, Ph.D.

Applying Design Thinking Methods: A Business Perspective to Increase Women in the Cyber Security Workforce

There’s no question that women are an underutilized resource in the cyber security workforc

The Five Minute Productivity Blitz

Being busy with motherhood, marriage, a career, graduate studies, and committee work; I’ve realized how preciou

Servant Leadership and Putting People First (Pillar 2)

The second pillar of servant leadership, as discussed in James Sipe and Don Frick's book, Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership, is that a Servant-Leader Puts People First.

On the Brexit

To Brexit Or Not To Brexit

Employee Engagement: A Remedy for Employee Turnover in Addictions Treatment Facilities

Organizational success relies on

Leveraging Public Health Data Sets to Conduct Breakthrough Research: Center for Healthcare Research Fellows are Leading the Way

The expanding availability of digital health data from public sources, coupled with increasingly powerful analytics software, is opening a new frontier for healthcare research.

Servant Leadership and Character (Pillar I)

The first pillar of servant leadership, as discussed in James Sipe and Don Frick's book, Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership, is that a Servant-Leader is a Person of Character.

Rise and Shine

We all have 24 hours in a day; however, some people use those hours more efficiently than others.

What You See is What You Get

Branding has become so important that if not done properly, it can easily make or break a new project or b

Adaptive Selling to Ominchannel Consumers: Product Types as Moderators

I recently visited my dentist.

Differences Between Primary and Secondary Sources

A quick refresher from Program Dean, Dr. Aaron Coe, on identifying primary and secondary sources.

Healthcare Reform


1st Year Law School

I just completed my 1st year of law school in December - and am now studying for the California 'Baby Bar Exam'.   Fo

Understanding and Supporting Female Business Leaders in War-Torn Ukraine

Dr. John Johnson, 2014 Fellow, discusses his inspiration and experiences surrounding researching Ukraine women in business.

Using Theoretical or Conceptual Frameworks in a Scholarly Study

Dr. Diane Gavin, Program Dean for School of Advanced Studies, discusses the importance of having a theoretical and conceptual framework in place.

Using a CoP to Enhance Knowledge Sharing in IT

Communities of Practice are a common knowledge sharing or transfer technique.

Writing a Literature Review for Publication

Review our guidance for writing a literature review for publication, from Assistant Program Dean for Research, Dr. Paula Wolfe.

Employee Turnover in Addiction Treatment Facilities

No organization, maybe with the exception of a solo, owner-operator business, is immune to e

Constructing a Study Design: Aligning Research Question with Methodology, Design, and Degree Program

Dr. Gavin, Program Dean for the School of Advanced Studies discusses the importance of aligning your study question, methodologies, and so forth.