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Recent Blog Posts

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Successful Research Project Leads to Inclusion in Academic Book to be Published by Routledge

For one team of researchers with the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research, months of hard wor

Motivation Grows from Vocation

Find motivation when you find your calling.

Tips for Preparing a Successful Research

Blog tips represent a consensus from several experienced researchers. We hope the following tips are helpful for CEITR affiliates for preparing successful research and manuscripts for publication.

Doing Business with the Government

The government allocates billions of dollars every year on services and products with a percentage of the

Not All Publishing Venues Are Created Equal: Understanding Vanity Presses

Learn more about vanity presses, self-publishing, and related pitfalls from Program Dean for the School of Advanced Studies Diane Gavin, Ph.D.

Boyer’s Series: Introduction to Boyer’s Model

In the first of a series on Boyer’s Model of Scholarship in SAS, we present the importance of understanding Boyer’s Model for SAS Faculty and a brief review of Boyer’s Domains of Scholarship.

Cultural Conflict and Society research community projects

The Cultural Conflict and Society research community is active

Deciding on Your Focus Area

Dr. Devnew discusses finding a focus area for your research interest.

Becoming a Scholarly Leader in the Women and Leadership Research Community

Dr. Devnew welcomes new members and provides more background for the new Women in Leadership group.

Customer Satisfaction: A Universal Conceptual Framework

My article titled "Convering and Diverging Forces on Customer Satisfation: Comparative Empirical Analysis of Hollywoo

Indigenous Language Revitalization using Technology and Pedagogy

This blog explores the revitalization of indigenous languages using technology and best practices in pedagogy.

Changes on the Horizon for University-Led Internships

Across the higher education landscape, the years have seen university-led internships go from mandatory to maybe not.

Expanding Innovation Parameters through Newness, Familiarity, and Betterment: What is an Innovation?

As one of the earlier thought leaders on the newness of a thing, Everett Rogers in his Diffusion of Innovation Theory

IT Balanced Scorecard - Age variable

Martinsons, Davison and Tse (1999) suggest that the four balanced scorecard perspectives might require some modificat

Welcome to the Women in Leadership Research Group

Welcome to the Women in Leadership Research Group (WLRG).

Procrastination is common: You are not alone

Procrastination is crippling and common. Read one writer's account of overcoming procrastination through gaining greater awareness and humor.

Promoting Organizational Wellness

Promoting wellness in the organization is a prominent method to encourage and advance  health and well-being of perso

Time Management: Leading with Purpose

Time management surfaces as one of the key tools necessary for today’s scholarly leader. In a move towards leadership, this brief article introduces time management as a way to increase the quality of your personal and professional life.

Servant Leader As Compassionate Collaborator (Pillar 4)

A Servant-Leader builds relationships, embraces diversity and is the creator of a culture of collaboration. Pillar IV is the Servant Leader as Compassionate Collaborator. A Servant-Leader who compassionately collaborates;

Research Activity and Insights

As a research fellow in the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research, my focus has been the impac