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This page is a resource for presenters, from updates about the plenary to resources to help you navigate your upcoming conference presentation. Below you will find a variety of materials.

This is a dedicated page for all presenters for this year's 2021 Conference. Congratulations on being accepted to present. The conference will be held in Zoom. Some Zoom training links are provided below to help acquaint you with the system. Presenters should familiarize themselves with Zoom and sharing their screens. Presentations will not be loaded so prepping for this is a good idea. You can familiarize yourself with the following training materials if needed.


Presenter's Training Materials

Zoom Video Link for Getting to know the platform you will be using.

ZOOM-How to join a meeting/conference

ZOOM-How to share your powerpoint presentation-screen share

ZOOM-Meeting Controls

PRESENTING-How to Present your PPT in Slide Show Mode and Keep a Notes page Open


Zoom Session for Presenter "Best Practices."

I will be doing a "best practice training" Wednesday, Aug 4th, and Friday, August 6th for all presenters. You may choose from either day. This is simply for helping everyone get acquainted with how the days and sessions will work for the Summit conference Aug. 12th-14th. We will cover the conference process, need to knows and more.

Please feel free to invite your co-presenters as well by forwarding this invitation. There 2 convenient sessions to choose from.
1. Zoom session link for Wed. training August 6th
2. Zoom session link for Fri. alternate training August 8th-
Presentation Time length
All presenters have now been given 20 minutes for their presentation. Each time block has been provided a 5-minute courtesy buffer for presenters on the front end of the hr for getting ready to start the session. Creating larger blocks of time allows now for ease of transition between presenters and great sessions for all. 
Developing your PPT for the Conference
There is no standard UOP ppt template required for this so feel free to create as you need to while adhering to APA standards for delivery.
Sharing your Screen-PPT in Slide Show Mode and How to Keep it in the Zoom Window, While Keeping Notes Open for Yourself
One of the things that happens in Zoom when you enter slide show mode and sharing your desktop is that slide show takes over everything on your desktop so you cannot view anything else. But what if you wanted to check out notes at the same time? There is a little trick to doing this and its NOT in Zoom, but in your ppt controls! Learn how here!
Doctoral Student Presenters
Some student presenters will be presenting during the Dissertation of the Year segment of Day 2. Those students will find their names in that section of the plenary. A few others have been allotted other times within the conference.

Important Things To Do Before Your Presentation

Calibrate Times
Ensure you have your time slot and remember, the schedule is in MST Arizona Time so you must calibrate according to your region. We will try and have a AZ clock on the Scedule page shortly that can help you maintain a sense of time and schedule if you need it. Otherwise, simply use a site like Time where you can see the U.S. time zones at the top of the screen. Keeping a site like this open on your computer can be helpful.
  • Make sure your ppt is the way you want it to appear. Look closely at formatting for errors and mistakes. Avoid videos and heavy animations that may throw off your flow.
  • Make sure your camera on your computer is working well before the event
  • Check your sound, microphone. Working with video and sound should be taken care of in advance.
  • Check your background in Zoom. We don't recommend the artificial screens behind you because of the bleed in effect of green screening, but rather your natural environment. Ensure that the area in the video stream behind you is appropriate for a professional level conference.
  • Keep a glass of water near you during your presentation, you never know when a small cough may arise.
  • Check your room lighting, we want to see you well.
Try and visit other sessions, your colleagues will appreciate your presence. You can choose your activity level but remeber, a good conference can only be as good as it's engaged audience. Stay engaged.
Check and make sure you have everything needed to log onto Zoom. Sometimes having a spare laptop around can be good if the Desktop gets a gremlin. Make sure if you have a co-presenter that your team has a back up plan should someone not be able to make it for an emergency.
This cannot be overstated enough. If you can plug into your ethernet outlet, your connectivity should remain stable during your presentation. Check your connectivity the day of by using something like Xfinity Speed Test.

For additional questions please feel free to email

We will do our best to respond in a timely manner to all questions.