2021 Post Conference Highlights


KWB Summit 2021 was a great success thanks to everyone including staff, students, faculty and alumni who helped turn this year's event into an even better equipped potential for gaining momentum in the research conference circuit!

The KWB 2021 Summit began on Thursday August 12th and ran through August 14th. In early February a Call for Proposals went out and proposals went through a juried process where Research Chairs judged the potentials for acceptance at the conference. 65% of the proposals were accepted for this conference. Proposals had to move through several important juried components to receive a score that would allow acceptance. Another Call for Proposals was introduced several months later that offered for the first time, “doctoral student” who were in their dissertation phases, the chance to present. There were 12+ students in the KWB this year that presented their work to guests.

As well, this year brought in a kick off panel led by Dr. Kimberly Underwood, that examined Diversity and Leadership in the “New Normal” based on a published symposia article in the Journal of Leadership Studies May edition by UOPX scholars. The panel had over 100+ attendees listening to the session and interacting with panelists. The event had 17 sessions for professional research presentations where typically 3 researchers/groups delivered their work to guests and interacted. At the end of each day there were Discovery sessions allowing next day presenters to “pitch” their sessions, engage guests and for general networking.
Day 2 and 3 celebrated and recognized our Dissertation of the Year winners, led by Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi, who stewarded the process and invited respective UOPX Chairs to recommend those dissertations that they felt offered not only the excellence in articulation of thought but also some things that were extra note-worthy about them. Three winners were recognized and celebrated by Dr. Hinrich Eylers, Vice Provost, and DOY winners formally presented their research to guests on day 3 of the Summit. Students who answered the Call for Student Proposals were spotlighted in the event and did a remarkable job integrating into the conference circuit this year.

Conference Videos

Below are some examples of presentations that occured at this year's conference. Although we had not initially though about capturing the entire event, we did in fact want to capture a few relevant highlights and a few sample presentations for persual.


KWB Student Presenter-Jessica Flores

                                Innovative Practice Discussion Considerations                                 


      KWB Presenters- Taylor, Sessoms-Penny & Underwood

The Influence of Leadership on P-12 School Culture and Minority Teacher Reention



KWB Presenters -Larson, Blake, Keleekai-Brapoh, and Jindal

Strategies to Support Persistence in Non-Traditional Students in Practitioner-Based Programs


KWB Presenters-Schumaker, Brown, Etienne and Martin

Hear Our Voices


The KWB Summit sold out this year at 400+ tickets! Some of th diversity of coutries, states and cities represented made the event truly dynamic. Some of the countries represented included the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Niger, Mexico, Kenya, Egypt and more, with 313 cities across the country in attendance.


The event also saw a variety of professionals from companies like: 

Gwinnett County Public School
Capital One
U.S. Air Force
Rasmussen University
Alabama State University
Department of Defense
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
The Institute for Dynamic Leaders
Wells Fargo
State of Tennessee
Gauss Research Laboratory
NYU Langone Health System
CGI Financial Group, Inc
Department of Veteran Affairs
Jersey City Publc Schools
North Virginia Commmunity College
Ohio University
Honolulu Police Department
Kenyatta University
Stockton University
New York Presbyterian Hospital
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
The Federal University of Technology, Akure
Savannah College of Art and Design
Carlow University
Emmanuel University Fayetteville. NC
Asian Institute of Maritime Studies
Henry Ford College
University of Redlands School of Business/National University
District Institute of Education and Training, Shimla
Regent University
Walden University
Vancouver Coastal Health
JPMorgan Chase
Copperbelt University

Professionals from everywhere joined us for the "Nexus of Change" conference, with some compelling topical matter that looked at some of the emerging trends and social challenges facing the world of research and the worlld at large.


Reactions and Quotes About KWB Summit 2021

Many people had some great things to say and of course, we will capture more from our survey feedback, but here are a few notable quotes that came in during the conference.

"Thanks for creating a safe, collegial and supportive learning environment." Presenter Louise Underdahl

"Amazing conference. Dr. Green Gonzalez is now more inspired for publication and conference presentation." Presenter Stephanie Holden

"I have been enjoying the Research Summit. This is such an excellent reflection of the research power of this University. I love seeing that more of our students are attending and presenting.  I go to many conferences across the country and this is rapidly turning into one of the best!" Presenter Mark McCaslin

"KWB Summit was great. Congratulations" Presenter Miriam Frolow
"Congratulations!  How much I enjoyed the Summit.  The presentations were simply fabulous with the nervous jitters of doctored students providing a first or second presentation!!!  HOW MUCH I LOVE UOP ).  So, when you or someone is feeling a bit worn, tired, or lost, or even just a bit jittery, let them get a taste of this kind of awesomeness.  After all, it just brightens your day, lightens your steps, and helps you find a home." Sandra Jenkins-Attendee/Faculty
Linked In Posting On the Summit by Presenters
Over 1,811 page views on Eventbrite!


Knowledge Without Boundaries Annual Summit has been a yearly conference for the College of Doctoral Studies and the Research and Scholarship Enterprise. The CDS Conferences, having been around for 5+ years now have been an annual event allowing researchers to gather together to present their research, provide workshops on valuable resources and celebrate the community of scholarship encouraged at the University of Phoenix, and the College of Doctoral Studies. With the inception of the RSE, the Research and Scholarship Enterprise in 2014, the fold of research became an important part of growing the potentials for research within the university.
This year’s 2021 KWB Summit- The Nexus of Change, was perhaps one of our most successful events to date. Having sold out for registration, the 3-day conference saw 400+ registrants attending the various aspects of the event over the 3 days. The Summit is one of the first of conferences of this type to have taken to the virtual space long before the pandemic forces many other national conferences to attempt to conduct conferences online, so we had already been an early innovator of the “virtual conference” format. At the public level, this conference provided several key elements that are bringing it into the larger spectrum of conferences:
1-The conference at the public level is free. Unlike other conferences, the Summit invites “affordability” during a time that is unprecedented, and encourages the anyone with a research interest to attend or even those with a curiosity for knowledge.
2-KWB at the public and professional level underscores the need for applied interventions around leadership, health, education, technology, diversity and inclusion. Research can be taken up now especially that can influence policy based on the social ingressions of the moment and having a meeting space like KWB where ideas and research come together that can be utilized this way is impactful.
3-KWB provides out-of-the-drawer potentials with research, encouraging those who have research they have been working on to bring them from their desks to a public forum like this, to encourage them to inspire the continuity in moving that research forward.
4-The event encourages collaboration and recognizes the power in student invitations to integrate and present amongst professional researchers. Doctoral students are encouraged to present their dissertational endeavors, sharing their dissertation focus and research as part of a way to foster their professional skills and encourage them to engage conferences post-graduation.
5-The event now ties into our Phoenix Scholar publication, where presenters have a voice well beyond the conference, and post conference abstracts are recognized in future issues, encouraging their research.
Here is to all our researchers and guests, and looking forward to 2022 and next year's Summit!