About the Campus

The Phoenix Campus engages in scholarly activities through the following channels:

  1. Academic Affairs provides an opportunity to faculty members to participate as a member of the Phoenix Campus Scholarship Committee to help plan and implement the yearly faculty scholarship event in June held during the General Faculty Meeting;
  2. Boyer's model of scholarship is used as a setting for the scholarship events using each of the four categories: a) discovery, b) integration, c) application, and d) teaching. All members of the scholarship committee and faculty at large (local campus and online) are encouraged to participate in the annual scholarship event;
  3. Academic Affairs provides opportunity, where fiscally practical and/or programmatically required, for staff members and/or faculty to participate in annual conferences. Active involvement in research and formal presentations of research is highly encourage;
  4. Academic Affairs encourages all staff and faculty to participate in the University’s honorarium program by submitting scholarly activities for consideration;
  5. Academic Affairs provides training sessions to members of the faculty monthly in the use of the University Library for their application of resources to facilitate their own research efforts and for use within the classroom setting;
  6. By facilitating classes for the University, faculty members participate in teaching as a scholarly activity according to Boyer’s model.