KWB Presenter page 2022

The following page highlights some best practices to keep in mind for the conference. A video presented by Dr. Underdahl will soon be placed here as well. Please take a moment and review before your presentation. We are looking forward to a great conference!!

Zoom Training Video - From Oct 6th for all presenters

Zoom Protocol - Outline

The following are simple steps to make the Zoom conference experience easy.

We are providing one primary link to access the event over the course of 3 days. This means once you click on the Zoom Meeting link from your Eventbrite Registration, you will enter what we are calling the MAIN lobby.

Finding the Zoom Link

You can also access the room from the HUB at>>find on left side links the ANNUAL SUMMIT
On the Summit Homepage you will see the following icon for access to the portal, simply click on it to be taken to the MAIN stage area of the Zoom conference.

You can also go to your Eventbrite email and the Zoom link is there!

Things to Know about Presenting

You will have 20 minutes.
You should know when you are presenting and what room you will be in. You can find that on the hub here on the left sidebar links that say Day 1, Day, and Day 3 schedule
Once in Zoom, you will be in the MAIN stage. When the host releases the Room access for all (usually 20 minutes before the start of the presentation sequence) you will see the following simply by clicking on the Breakout Rooms icon below
However, if you do not see the icon called “Breakout Rooms” on the tools bar below it is because you are not in full-screen mode. 
This is not Blackboard so you do not need to upload your presentation anywhere! You will be driving your presentation from your desktop file which means you will have permission to share your screen so everyone can see your presentation.  There are a few easy ways to share your presentation, but I suggest keeping your desktop private and only sharing your presentation by clicking the SHARE icon on the toolbar-remember to stay in full-screen mode so you see that icon, otherwise, it is collapsed just like Breakout rooms.