KWB 2022 Call for Proposals



Welcome to the homepage of the Annual Research Summit sponsored by the College of Doctoral Studies and the Research Center Enterprise.

Here you will find the latest information on the Annual Summit alongside other important artifacts such as registration links, call for proposals for presenters, information on platforms used in this virtual conference, how to's and more. 
We welcome you to this page and look forward to your involvement and attendance/presentation acceptance at the Annual Research Summit!
IMPORTANT-We have changed the dates of the annual conference this year to October 13,14 and 15. Our former dates did not align with some important administrative items, and as well, the new dates align much better into the conference season, which is usually in October. Look for Eventbrite emails to go out the week of September 1st.
Important Dates
Notification of submission acceptance for those who submitted early will be the 2nd week in August. For anyone submitting currently we will try and have notiffications the last week in August.
If you want to submit, you can still do so at">
Our Call for Proposals is now open for those seeking to present at this year’s national online conference. For more information on the KWB 2022 Summit submission requirements, please view the requirements page and application for further information. We welcome the submission of all scholars (faculty, alumni, and students) for this exciting online 3-day event.
This year’s conference, Moving Forward: Bridging the Gap Between Practice, Belonging, and Community, explores the potentials of how we catalyze forward as a society. The 2022 conference will serve as a forum for exploring the innovative possibilities (bridges) for advancing the value prospects of industry practice, reconsolidating and evolving community, and rebuilding and fostering strategic intent based on what the world has learned over the past few years from societal impacts incurred. We will examine these areas through the lenses of research and innovative practices contained within the fields of education and technology, diversity and inclusion, and leadership and organizational change. As in previous years, the RSE-Research and Scholarship Enterprise and the College of Doctoral Studies seek to enlighten communities through the efforts of a research perspective that amplifies practice-based potentials in applying theory to real-time issues.  
Presenting at the conference counts towards faculty scholarship requirements. Faculty whose proposals are accepted and who do present the day of the event may utilize the experience in their profile.
The mission of Knowledge Without Boundaries (KWB) is to provide opportunities that enable University of Phoenix faculty, students, and alumni, to develop and achieve their professional research and scholarship goals and, through scholarly leadership, improve the performance of the organizations and communities they serve. The 2022 KWB Annual Research Conference is a continuation of this mission, and it upholds the intended vision to encourage the formation of communities of scholarship.
We encourage submissions from all content areas based upon bona fide research studies, conceptual pieces, and best practices in teaching and industry. Proposals for individual presentations are open to all University of Phoenix faculty, staff-faculty, and doctoral alumni, and are judged based on originality, alignment with the literature, and overall rigor and merit. 
Presentation proposals are being solicited under two tracks:
1) Research - Share the results of qualitative and/or quantitative research.
2) Innovative Practice - Provide the opportunity for discussions of a project, program, conceptual piece, best practice tool/strategy tied to education or industry.
Faculty, staff-faculty, and doctoral alumni are eligible to apply for this immediate call.
Our conference committee will review all qualified entries. 
Each accepted presentation is 15 minutes in length and will be grouped, by topic, into a moderated session.



You can submit your proposal by clicking on the link below.">