Homepage for KWB Summit 2022

Welcome to the homepage of the Annual Research Summit sponsored by the College of Doctoral Studies and the Research Center Enterprise.
Here you will find the latest information on the Annual Summit alongside other important artifacts such as registration links, call for proposals for presenters, information on platforms used in this virtual conference, how to's and more. 
We look forward to your attendance/involvement/presentation acceptance at the Annual Research Summit!
IMPORTANT-We have changed the dates of the annual conference this year to October 13,14 and 15. Our former dates did not align with some important administrative items, and as well, the new dates align much better into the conference season, which is usually in October. Look for Eventbrite emails to go out the week of August 29th!
For those interested in submitting for our newly opened second round of submissions to present, you can do so here
The 2022 Theme: Moving Forward: Bridging the Gap Between Practice, Belonging, and Rebuilding Communitiy 
Conference Dates
We have moved the conference this year from its traditional August timeslot to October. Please mark your calendars for the days
October 13,14 and 15. 2022 (Times will posted soon for start and end times for each day. Feel free to check back regulalrly for updates).
Important Dates
We don't want you to miss any of the important dates for this event. For those who wish to present, the conference is a wonderful opportunity to share your knowledge and research regarding important topical matter related to the theme of the conference. For universsity researchers, the conference also allows for you to connect not only to a community of researchers, but also with an audience comprised of doctoral students, faculty, staff and alumni. And lastly, your participation as a presenter may also be considered part of the "enhanced scholarship" practices  component under scholarship requirements for the university. The conference also helps scholars stay current in their respective fields of research. As a presenter, you have the opportunity to also enlighten the many attendees who are interested in learning more about the practical areas that scholalry inquiry is being focused on in today's world.
For Presenters
-August 12th , 2022: Notification of submission acceptance
This year’s conference, Moving Forward: Bridging the Gap Between Practice, Belonging, and Community, explores the potentials of how we catalyze forward as a society. The 2022 conference will serve as a forum for exploring the innovative possibilities (bridges) for advancing the value prospects of industry practice, reconsolidating and evolving community, and rebuilding and fostering strategic intent based on what the world has learned over the past few years from societal impacts incurred. We will examine these areas through the lenses of research and innovative practices contained within the fields of education and technology, diversity and inclusion, and leadership and organizational change. As in previous years, the RSE-Research and Scholarship Enterprise and the College of Doctoral Studies seek to enlighten communities through the efforts of a research perspective that amplifies practice-based potentials in applying theory to real-time issues.  
Exploring the Summit
(Coming soon) In the next few weeks interested guests will be able to register for the Summit and also access the online shedule/plenary page, where people can check out all the current listing of events that they may be interested in attending! They will also be able to download a copy of the schedule on the same page.
This year we will have a dynamic list of presenters and panels that are addressing the most current topical matter from a variety of research lenses. Each presentation by a researcher will offer attendees the chance to ask questions, and engage their specific inquiry in real-time.
Pick and Choose Your Schedule Each Day
Of course, we want all our guests to enage the conference venue fully, but there may be specific presentations guests may want to focus in on. The Summit allows for all attendees to option the prospects for flexibility in their day by being able to pick and choose the event/s that they can attend.
Please continue to check back on all the details associated with the Summit. This site will be updated regularly for attednees and presenters.
Additional Information
For general questions regarding this call, please contact Rodney Luster at
8.1.2022-Conference dates have changed. We are now placing this conference in October to better align with university objectives.
General Invitations-EventBrite is being set up for invitations to go out soon for people to regisetr. A quick and easy Zoom link will be added for guests to easily gain access to the event through one portal. Look for  email invitations soon!
New web pages will be added here to the hub about the event as well as a presenter's page.