Knowledge Without Boundaries

Knowledge Without Boundaries

"Knowledge Without Boundaries" encompasses our efforts to foster connections between University-affiliated researchers - including faculty, students, and alumni - and to help them bring their research to fruition. Below is the mission and vision behind our KWB events.

Use the links to the left to learn more about our flagship event, the "Knowledge Without Boundaries Academy," and our annual research symposium. 


To provide opportunities that enable University of Phoenix faculty, students, and alumni, to develop and achieve their professional research and scholarship goals and, through scholarly leadership, improve the performance of the organizations and communities they serve.


To encourage the formation of communities of scholarship for University Phoenix faculty, students, and alumni.

Overarching Objectives

  • To cultivate and sustain a productive community of scholarship to include the production and dissemination of best instructional practices for reaching and teaching the working adult.
  • To enhance the foundational research and proposal development skills necessary for an engaged practitioner/leader/scholar
  • To inform and illustrate the preparations necessary for planning, preparing, and producing scholarly work.
  • To provide guidance concerning the development of a research agenda as it relates to disciplines of study or fields of inquiry.
  • To provide an opportunity to engage in an active community of scholarship.
  • To develop strategies for writing for publication.