Using IRBNet

Using IRBNet

About IRBNet

All UOPX research must be reviewed by the UOPX Institutional Review Board (IRB).  IRBNet is a web-based tool that allows researchers to submit research to the IRB for review.

Acces for IRBNet is a separate login from other University online and it requries registration within the IRBNet site. To register and submit an application for IRB review, use the instructions below.

Registering for IRBNet

To register for an IRBNet account:

  • Visit IRBNet at
  • Complete a New User Registration.
  • You will receive an activation email to the email you specified when creating the account.; click on the activation link provided.

If you already have an IRBNet account with another university or organization, then you wouldn’t create another account, but would instead affiliate with University of Phoenix, Tempe, AZ. 

For a step-by-step walk through on how to register, please see the UOPX IRBNet Registration Guide (PDF).

Submitting an Application to IRBNet

Once you have registered for an account or affiliated your existing account with the University of Phoenix, Tempe, AZ: 

  • Visit IRBNet at
  • Use your existing username and password to log into the site.
  • Visit the “Forms and Templates Library” from the left menu when you login to IRBNet.
  • Review the “READ ME FIRST materials” (screenshot) and “FAQs” document within the Forms and Templates library.
  • Using these instructions, complete the submission process.
  • You will be notified by the system with any updates to your submission from our IRB office.
  • You can log into the site at any time to check on the status of your submission.

Decision Notification

Our formal IRB decision letters are attached to your project in IRBNet after an IRB review has been conducted and an IRB action is taken on your project.

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