Research Preparation and CITI Certification

Research Preparation and CITI

All University of Phoenix researchers must acquire the CITI certificate for human subject research.

CITI Program Training

The federal guidelines require that any institution with an IRB provide research ethics training around the protection of human subjects and UOPX follows the federal guidelines by requiring that all our researchers complete the CITI Program training (

Every researcher involved in a study is required to provide verification of their CITI training as an IRB review requirement.  For faculty, IRBNet CITI verification is different from the CITI training verification needed to retain dissertation faculty standing.

Linking Your CITI Profile

UOPX recommends researchers link their CITI account to your IRBNet User Profile. By linking your CITI data to your IRBNet User Profile, anytime you complete additional CITI training, your updated CITI information will be automatically sent to IRBNet.

Sharing CITI Certification with UOPX IRB document, available in IRBNet’s Forms and Templates library, walks researchers through the process of linking their CITI account information to their IRBNet User Profile.  

If you have previously uploaded CITI credentials (i.e., PDF of your CITI report), we encourage you to go back and link your CITI account.