Research Agenda

The agenda in the long-term  will be created by the participants.  We are especially eager to build bridges across researchers in UPOX/SAS and beyond and with our key stakeholders.

In the short-term, the focus will be on the following: 

  1. How personal, organizational and contextual factors create and support (or inhibit) the deep mindset required for innovation or entrepreneurship? 
  2. How do we create and nurture a supportive environment (the 'ecosystem') for entrepreneurship and innovation?
  3. What are the implication for creating social and environmental value?   <Social entrepreneurship ; Sustainable entrepreneurship>
  4. Policy implications from the foregoing. 

Current Projects

Our current projects include:


  1. Proposed systematic literature review, e.g., the entrepreneurial mindset
  2. Test hypothesized facets of the mindset for validity and reliability
  3. Codification of pedagogical (and heutagogical) implications, especially for online/distance delivery
  4. Ongoing research using neuroscience to understand and assess deep cognitive impact of pedagogy
  5. Ongoing support for OECD & EU initiatives in entrepreneurship education (e.g., HE Innovate, Coneeect, Bantani Education, etc.)


  1. Various projects in partnership around the world, e.g.,  testing new process metrics, journal submissions
  2. Supporting the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation's 2017 Entrepreneursip Summit (focus on zero barriers to self-employment and growth entrepreneurship)
  3. Systematic literature review on entrepreneurial ecosystems (vs. innovation systems) 
  4. Online webinar course on how to grow your own entrepreneurial ecosystem                                                                   

Social & Sustainable

  • Conference papers in progress  


Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship Research Group