Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships

About the Fellowship Program

The purpose of the SAS fellowship program is to encourage our SAS faculty and alumni scholars' research development beyond their dissertation defense, particularly in research areas important to the SAS mission and vision.  Fellowships differ from other UOPX grants by offering professional development and networking opportunities in addition to a research project.  The research project typically results in a publication and presentation.  There are two types of fellowships: Center-based Fellowships and the Alumni Fellowship.

Center-Based Fellowships

Since 2014, center-based fellowship have been a critical element in advancing research and scholarship at the University of Phoenix.  Dozens of fellowship research projects have invigorated our research and scholarship culture and contributed to the larger academic community via presentations and publications. Fellowships are developed and completed within a UOPX SAS research center.  Each center has a unique mission and research agenda, and fellowship projects align to the center’s research agenda.  

Each university research center chair manages their fellowships. You must be an active member of the research center to be eligible for the fellowship.  To learn more about center-based fellowships, visit the research centers aligned to your research interests and click on the “Call for Fellows”.  There you will find specific requirements, download applications, or find out how to contact the research center chair to discuss a fellowship idea. 

Alumni Fellowship

The alumni fellowship is specifically for SAS alumni. In the 2017 pilot year, the call for general research proposals resulted in over twenty applications and five funded research projects. Due to the success of the program, in 2018 the SAS Alumni SIG was charged with the mission and management of the fellowship. The alumni fellowships are now a team effort between an alumni with a research and publication record and two other alumni, who may or may not be developing their research and publication record. The team completes a research project for presentation and publication as well as provides mentorship for professional growth.  The research projects focus on issues related to SAS students and alumni and general topics. To learn more, visit the SAS Alumni SIG >> .