Fellows in Residence Requirements


The Fellows in Residence program is designed to optimize the potentials of research with qualified graduates who are professionals in theor own right, bringing unique insights and knowledge from industry back to the formalized research centers within the University of Phoenix, College of Doctoral Studies.

The Fellows in Residence is a beta program undertaken in October,2020 by the RSE as a project designed to assist the research centers in developing a pool of researchers that could potentially choose from and assume a constellation of opportunities made available by the university RSE chairs for their respective centers.

Fellow in Residence-Defined

A “fellow in residence” is defined as a volunteer researcher who has been appointed the role and designated title by a RSE Center Chair, to assume engagement opportunities within a center internal to the RSE formally. The role opens the potential to enlarge the bench capabilities of any research center. The role also provides the function of serving to “bridge” and “grow” alumni and faculty in the world of practitioner research. Fellows are NOT officiating staff, but are important constituents within the RSE that help advocate and represent the possibilities of research within each center.

The roles are strictly voluntary and are designed to do several things such as:

Ø Enhancing the potentials for further credentialing opportunities for alumni and faculty

o Assuming and affiliating with a designated role

o Enhancing the potential to work on research projects that may lead to publishing

o Help foster new graduates’ prospects in the world of research

o Help open the doorway to presenting/publishing for faculty who need to meet scholarship reqs

Ø Allowing for possibilities in building Curriculum Vitae

Ø Engaging a community of scholarship

Ø Working on projects such as grant seeking research, the Annual Summit, The Phoenix Scholar, Workshops, Research and alpha to beta projects

Currently there are six doctoral degreed volunteers who have assumed the role beginning in the Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research with the potential expansion formally into the Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research and the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research as needed. Already they have embraced the possibilities by helping write the first grant proposal for the RSE, and are currently working as a team on a designated article for publishing with the Journal for Leadership Studies. This cadre will begin meeting monthly to discuss opportunities and research projects. They may also assume roles on a Phoenix Scholar “board” and assist with next year’s Annual Summit.

In this beta project, there will be certain prescriptives necessary as regulatory mechanisms to assist in curating Fellow “potentials.” The following are “soft” requirements at this point and are subject to approval by the Vice Provost.


Fellows in Residence Requirements (Soft)

-Must have a doctoral degree from the University, or a Master’s with a Doctoral degree from another institution

-If Faculty, they must be in “good standing” with the university. This means no probationary status and actively able to teach within the institution.

-Must be willing to serve one term = 1 year=term as a Fellow in Residence. Terms allow for a rotation of members. This does not preclude the person from applying again for a second term.

-Should take on various potentials at their discretion (workload and other competing factors) but not hold the role without any engagement. This is left to the discretion of the residing chair on “active” status of the fellow during the term.

**Fellows can resign from the voluntary role at will but should make sure to inform their respective chair formally.



Currently we are building a designated page for Fellows in Residence at

The page will have a short bio and official picture of each fellow in residence. Expected Jan 2020.