Fellows in Residence

The Fellows in Residence is a volunteer promoted role that provides opportunities to grow researchers, establish and generate research, prmote opportunities for collaboration and explore the possibilities in growing acumen.

Fellows in residence gain several things by embracing the role:

Credentialing enhanced - As a researcher, whether you are newly graduated or a continuing scholar, the role of Fellow in Residence offers the chance to begin the path in a formalized way. Having the addition of the naming convention on your CV and affiliating this way with the center, enlarges your professional window.

Opportunities - By engaging the role of Fellow in Residence, you will be offered opportunities to publish, to be part of the Phoenix Scholar (our research periodical), to be part of our planning committee for the annual Research Summit, to engage research and to truly embrace the community of scholars you will have the chance to work with in this endeavor.

Grant seeking -  A new aspect of our department is our beginning efforts in seeking grants for furthering research. In this, you can become part of one of our "rsearch pods" to not only choose but apply for research grants. We will help guide the process and continue to grow the research community of the University of Phoenix this way.

There are many other other reasons to engage the potentials of becoming a "Fellow in Residence" and the aforementioned are but a few. 

We now have our first set of inuagaral fellows this year and each center will be growing their own roster. In adition, each center leader will determine their cap for the year regarding number of fellows. For more information on requirements, application access or to learn more about current fellows, simply navigate to the menu on the left side of this page.

For direct contact with the appropriate Chair for each Center in the RSE, choose from one of the following: 

CWDIR - Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research - Dr. Kimberly Underwood

CLSOR-Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research - Dr. Rodney Luster or Dr. Erik.Bean

CEITR - Center for Educational & Instructional Technology Research - Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi or Dr. Ryan Rominger