Faculty in Residence Roster for 2020-2021


The following represents the current roster for RSE Fellows currently active by Center. We congratulate and welcome our research fellows and recognize their contributions to enhancing research and scholarship within the University and for the community at large.

By Center

2020-2021 Term

CLSOR-Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research

Bios and picture posted for these inuagural fellows in residence at CLSOR Fellows in Residence

Dr. Henry Cooper

Dr. Donte Vaughn

Dr. Kim Sanders

Dr. Gena Aikman

Dr. Ryan Tierney

CWDIR-Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research

Dr. Annette Anderson-Engler

CEITR-Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research 

The research projects for these follows can be found at here

Danielle Sixsmith                    CDS – Alumnus                      

Frederick Lawrence                CDS, CoB&IT

Cheryl Burleigh                       CDS, CoEd, CGS,;Doctoral Alumni

Liz Johnston                            CDS

Angela Larson                         College of Nursing & CDS

Louise Underdahl                    CDS - ACCESS | Panel Validator

Phil Davidson                          CDS - URM

Melissa Shank                         CDS - Alumna