edTPA Training

3-Day Training Syllabus

Day 1, Tuesday: Introduction [2-3 hours]

  • Demonstrate understanding of edTPA guidelines and policies, using edTPA Guidelines at COE edTPA resources
  • Review the handbooks depending on your professional focus and background [Special Education, Early Childhood, Secondary English Language, Elementary Education]
  • Learn about how to identify right handbook for students.
Day 1, Synchronous Meeting, October 22, 2-19,  5-6 pm AZ time via Collaborate:
Time Zone Conversions:
  • 5:00 pm PDT to 6:00 pm PDT 
  • 5:00 pm AZ time to 6:00 pm AZ time
  • 7:00 pm CDT to 8:00 pm CDT  
  • 8:00 pm EDT to 9:00 pm EDT  
Dial In
+1-571-392-7650 PIN: 847 777 8126
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Day 2, Wednesday: Task 1-2 [2-3 hours]

  •  Demonstrate basic understanding of edTPA Tasks (1-2): Planning and Instruction: Basic understanding of each task and rubrics per handbooks
  •  Day 2- Explanation of Task-1- 2- For the slides click here - Recorded presentation:  edTPA Training _ Day 2 - recording_1

Day 3, Thursday: Task 3-4 [2-3 hours]

  • Demonstrate basic understanding of edTPA Task (3-4): Assessment Commentary and Math assessment and analyzing teaching: Basic understanding of each task and rubrics
  • Day 3 - Explanation of Task 3- 4 - For the slides click here - Recorded presentation: edTPA Training - Day 3 - recording_1

Day 3, Thursday: Additional Tips and Soft Skills  [1-1:30 hours]

Day 3, Thursday:  Final Assessment and Feedback/Reflection [25 - 30 minutes]


One week after Day 3: Assignments are graded.  Certificates of completion of workshop will be awarded. Successfully completion of the training is a scholarly activity that meets faculty scholarship requirements.  
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