edTPA Training

Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR) collaborates with College of Education (COE) to provide edTPAtrainings for COE faculty members who teach edTPA courses.  edTPA is teacher performance assessment system developed by Stanford University and used by teacher preparation programs across the United States to emphasize, measure, and support the skills and knowledge that teachers need from day 1 in the classroom ( 

The purpose of edTPA training is to provide faculty who teach edTPA courses with the capacity to coach students in the incremental understanding of, and capacity to submit a successful edTPA packet to Pearson for review.

Training format: Blended format; asynchronous materials and synchronous webinars via Collaborate.

Length of training: 3 Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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Discussion Forum (Days 1-3):

edTPA Training Syllabus

Day 1, Tuesday: Introduction [2-3 hours]

  • Demonstrate understanding of edTPA guidelines and policies, using edTPA Guidelines at COE edTPA resources
  • Review the handbooks depending on your professional focus and background [Special Education, Early Childhood, Secondary English Language, Elementary Education]
  • Learn about how to identify right handbook for students.
  • Day 1, Synchronous Meet & Greet at 7-8 pm AZ/PST (10-11 pm EDT, 9-10 pm CDT)
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  • This synchronous session is a Meet and Greet, Live Introduction and Meeting, Questions & Answers hosted by David Proudfoot & Donna Bullock. 
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Day 2, Wednesday: Task 1-2 [2-3 hours]

  •  Demonstrate basic understanding of edTPA Tasks (1-2): Planning and Instruction: Basic understanding of each task and rubrics per handbooks
  •  Day 2- Explanation of Task-1- 2- For the slides click here - Recorded presentation:  edTPA Training _ Day 2 - recording_1

Day 3, Thursday: Task 3-4 [2-3 hours]

  • Demonstrate basic understanding of edTPA Task (3-4): Assessment Commentary and Math assessment and analyzing teaching: Basic understanding of each task and rubrics
  • Day 3 - Explanation of Task 3- 4 - For the slides click here - Recorded presentation: edTPA Training - Day 3 - recording_1

Day 3, Thursday: Additional Tips and Soft Skills  [1-1:30 hours]

Day 3, Thursday:  Final Assessment and Feedback/Reflection [25 - 30 minutes]

One week after Day 3: Assignments are graded.  Certificates of completion of workshop will be awarded. Successfully completion of the training is a scholarly activity that meets faculty scholarship requirements.  


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