DOY Awards and Student Presenter Recognitions


The Knowledge Without Boundaries 2021 Summit would like to congratulate the Dissertation of the Year award winners! Your work and dedication to research is being recognized. The Dissertation of the Year is an award that is judged on a variety of criteria and is recommended by Chairs who have observed something an excellence in execution of the dissertation.

This award program was developed to recognize excellence in dissertation work among our doctoral students. University of Phoenix, College of Doctoral Studies students who have passed their dissertation defense (with only minor revisions) are eligible for this yearly award. Four awards will be given out, one per doctoral program (Doctor of Education, Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Management, Doctor of Health Administration). Awardees will be invited to present their research at the annual Knowledge Without Boundaries Research Summit, where they will also be recognized. Awardees will receive a certificate commemorating their hard work.

Dissertation of the Year winners will be acknowledged and recognized by Vice Provost, Dr. Hinrich Eylers during the 3 day Summit event on Day 2. The DOY winners will also have an opportunity of Day 3 to share their dissertations and thoughts during Panel Session II. You can find these specific times located in the schedule. 

The University of Phoenix/College of Doctoral Studies is proud to announce the following award recipients for the 2021 year!


Dr. Deborah Green-Gonzalez

Dissertation Title- Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases: A Mixed Methods Study

Bio-Deborah L Green-Gonzalez has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA), Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY), completed a Ph. D program for Natural Health at Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham, AL., and a Doctorate of Healthcare (University of Phoenix) and several certifications in Lean Engineering, Business, Microbiology, Quality, Six Sigma, and Healthcare. She worked in several Engineering Executive roles, Chief of Quality Management at the local Mental Health and IDD Authority working with the Health Human Services Commission, and currently, a Healthcare consultant at a local Gifted & Talented School to develop a new Health Science program, as well as teaching Healthcare classes.


Dr. Wayne L. McCoy

Dissertation Title- Predictors of Willingness Towards Unethical Behavior in Followers of Charismatic/Transformational Leaders. A Quantitative Path Analysis Study.

Dr. McCoy is a management and leadership professional with more than 30 years experience in various levels of management in multiple industries. He holds a Bachelors in IT, an MBA, and a Doctorate in Management & Organizational Leadership. His current drive is to pursue his lifelong dream of teaching, coaching, and helping to lift other business professionals to success through ongoing learning and training on how to lead with ethics, integrity, and commitment. The operative term is Leadership Intelligence, which is a combination of emotional, social, environmental, fiscal, human, and other leadership elements into a well rounded representation of a leader that inspires others to their best self.


Dr. Jenae Monique Whitfield

Dissertation Title- Instructional Design and Blended Learning Pedagogy Among Secondary Mathmatics Teachers: A Qualitative Case Study

Bio-Dr. Jenae M. Whitfield earned her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Educational Technology from the University of Phoenix in October 2020. Dr. Whitfield has worked in education for 15 years and currently serves as a high school mathematics teacher and adjunct professor. In June 2021, Dr. Whitfield was recognized by the Alabama State Department of Education as the recipient of the Marbury Technology Innovation Award for exceptional creativity, leadership, and instructional excellence as a high school teacher. With research interests in instructional design, pedagogy, and blended learning, Dr. Whitfield has future career plans to become an instructional leader and consultant to help promote effective technology integration through a growth mindset in instructional delivery.


Recognizing all runners-up for the Dissertation of the Year Award

For the many we received as nominees for Dissertation of the Year, we are honored to recognize your ability to take your research, and the articulation of it, to new heights.

The following are those the University/College of Doctoral Studies wishes to acknowledge! Congratulations Doctors!

Dr. Stephanie Cimperman-Informal Socialization in Virtual Work Environments: A Narrative Inquiry

Dr. Nicole Henley-The future of polymorphic phishing attacks driven by artificial intelligence: A Delphi analysis
Dr. Maria Aurora Makalintal-Patient Understanding of Discharge Instructions and Hospital 30-Day Readmissions: A Logistic Regression Study
Dr. Patricia Thomas -Factors Contributing to Promotion of Female U.S. Air Force Field Grade Officers: A Narrative Inquiry
Dr. Jalisca Thomason-Work-Family Balance for Novice Agriculture Teachers and Attrition
Dr. Katherine Brewer- Self-Awareness in Authentic Ladership development: A Mixed Method Single Case Study
Dr. Micahel Shelly-Perceptions of Micro-Level Knowledge in Business-to-Business Selling: A Qualitative Exploratory Multiple Case Study
Dr. Jared Nieves-Exploring Fitness and Readiness Perspectives of Active Duty U.S. Air Force Military Members Serving on Air National Guard Installations: A Descriptive Case Study
Dr. Erroll Poluan-Classifying Nebulous Activites Cost in Cost Rate Modeling for Aerospace Manufacturing" A Predictive Correlational Study
Dr. Brian E. Campbell-Problematic Phone Use in High School Mathmatics Classrooms: A Quantitative Correlational Study
Dr. Lorelle Davies-Women Elected to Service in Local Governement: A Narrative Inquiry
Dr. Olayemi de-Martins-Challenges of Biometrics Technology in Nigeria to Enhance Information Security:  A Qualitative Exploratory Case Study
Dr. Vincent Taff-Telecommuting in the Contact Center Industry: A Quantitative Ex Post Facto Causal-Comparative Study
Dr. Jeffery Levinson-Instructional Strategies Used to Reduce the Career Readiness Skills Gap: A Qualitative Exploratory Case Study
Dr. Diane Cartwright Hills-Teachers' Perceptions of Development for Different Instruction in Inclusive Classrooms: A Qualitative Exploratory Case Study
Dr. Yuri Overko-Advancement Experiences of First-Generation Nontraditional Immigrant Minority Leaders: A Phenomenological Study
Dr. Leo-May Shoatz-The Relarionship Between Intercultural Sensitivity and Organizational Culture in Higher Education: A Correlational Study