Dissertation of the Year Award

Dissertation of the Year Award

Eligibility and Criteria

Dissertation chairs will be able to nominate any student they feel exemplifies excellence in the dissertation. The student must have passed their dissertation defense with only minor revisions and the defense must have taken place within the year prior to the application due date. An exception will be made in the first two years of the award and the time period will be extended as follows:

For the 2019 May 5th deadline all dissertations defended between January 1st 2018 – March 31st 2019 qualify.

All 2019 applications will be due on May 5th, 2019. 

Each year three Dissertation of the Year Awards will be given out, one each for the three focus areas of the UOPX doctoral programs: Healthcare, Education, and Business. One student will be selected for each of these areas. They may be invited to present their research at the annual Phoenix Knowledge without Boundaries Research Summit (June 10-14, 2019), they will receive a plaque commemorating their excellent work, and they will receive a $500 award.

Review Process

The review of applications is done in three tiers and thus will take about 3 weeks. As soon as the awardees have been identified they and their dissertation chairs will be notified. The review process starts after the deadline has passed. 

Required Application Materials

  1. A copy of the dissertation (submitted by the Chair)

  2. Dissertation of the Year Application (filled out and submitted by the Chair)

Download The Dissertation of the Year Application Form (PDF)

Download The Dissertation of the Year Application Form (docx)

We look forward to receiving your applications! For any and all questions please contact Mark McCaslin (mark.mccaslin@phoenix.edu) or Rodney Luster (rodney.luster@phoenix.edu).