Joining the Dissertation to Publication Workshop Special Interest Group

Welcome to our Special Interest Group (SIG)!

If you aready have a user profile on the University of Phoenix, SAS, Research Hub, you may skip to Step 2 titled, "Join a Special Interest Group." If you are a new user to the Research Hub, then please go through all three steps prior to the first day of our workshop. 


Step 1: Register as a new user on the Research Hub

Step 2: Join a Special Interest Group

  • Joining a Research Center or Special Interest Group:

    • The second step on this linked page asks for you to “Navigate to the home page for the group you’d like to join." To do this you will need to:

      • Log in to the Research Hub
      • Navigate to the home page
      • Click on the Research Community tab in the top middle of the page and select “Special Interest Groups.”
      • On the Special Interests Group Directory page, scroll down and click on the link for the group named, “Dissertation to Publication Special Interest Group ”
      • You should now be on the home page of the Dissertation to Publication Workshop Special Interest Group (
      • On the top left side, you should see an area titled, “Group Options.” This is where you may resume following the steps from the link above in Step 2.  
    • Our Special Interest Group has been especially designed to be the home for our workshop and will include all of our workshop materials so it is important that you successfully request to join this group prior to the start of the workshop.  

Step 3: Develop your User Profile

  • Once you’ve requested to join the Dissertation to Publication Special Interest Group, you may begin to set up your User Profile. 
  • Setting Up a Profile on Research Hub:
  • A fully complete user profile is not required in order to begin the workshop, but we encourage that you include some basic information and a picture of yourself. This will allow for others to get to know a little more about you before the start of the workshop. Setting up your complete user profile may take some time so you are welcome to develop it over time.