Dissertation to Publication Workshop Overview

Dissertation to Publication Workshop

The mission of the workshop is to teach the art of developing a publishable manuscript based on a research. The tangible outcome of the workshop is to generate a publishable manuscript and submit to a peer-reviewed journal. To fulfill the mission and achieve the outcome, we provide structured support and guidelines via monthly web-based meetings. Target journals for publication are suggested at the beginning of the workshop. The manuscripts are broken down into three major sections of introduction, method, and results. The committee of reviewers closely work with the participants to review, revise, and finalize their manuscripts. Participants submit their manuscripts to their target journal by the end of the workshop.

Certificate of completion is awarded to the participants who completed and submitted their manuscripts to the journals by the end of the workshop. Faculty members who participate in the workshop and help their students complete/submit the manuscripts earn credits for the annual SAS Academic Review. To earn the credits, faculty members upload their certificates to their Research Hub profiles and Academic Review application.


Dissertation to Publication Workshop is offered in winter and fall semesters. Registration is open/announced in January and August at the Research Hub. Notification email is sent to the research hub affiliates.